Twice – &TWICE -Repackage-

The new Twice’s Japanese album is finally out! But unfortunately it is only a repackage. I say unfortunately because I love to get more Twice’s new songs, but repackages usually only feature one or two new ones.
For the repackage of &Twice there is only one and it’s named SWING. You can listen to it here:

I have to say that I really like the song! The whistling in the background is really catchy!

I think SWING is way for Twice to show us that they are not totally leaving the girlish side that got them famous. A bit of cuteness after the girl crush concepts of the most recent comebacks. I think that last time we saw a concept like this for a title track was for Happy Happy, also a Japanese release.

The fact that they didn’t upload a Music Video before the release of the album almost gives me the impression that this was meant to be a side track of the original &Twice and not the title track of the repackage.

I hope a great comeback will come soon enough in 2020 with lots of new songs, but for the moment lets enjoy SWING and support this awesome girls.


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