Commander Exercise 1 – Gallia of the Endless Dance

Hi everyone and welcome to this new series of articles that I’m going to post on my blog.
One of the things I enjoy the most about Magic is brewing and building a new deck. Lately I really got into the Commander format, but I feel that I’m not good enough in building decks for it. So I decided to create this series where I will combine business with pleasure by building various Commander decks, so I can exercise myself in building them. Feel free to leave any comment about the deck and how I built it, so I can keep improving.

For this first article, I decided to go with one of the new legendary creature from the new set Theros Beyond Death. The one that seemed the most interesting to build for me is Gallia of the Endless Dance.

Her anthem ability made me want to build a Satyr Tribal deck, by also supporting a little her other ability with a self-discard sub theme.
I decided to have 200$ as a budget for the deck (at the moment of writing this article the deck cost about 191.75$ with avarage cost of the cards from but you can easily go under 150$ by removing Heroic Intervention and Willow Satyr.
Here is the decklist:
Commander Exercise 1 – Gallia of the Endless Dance

By playing green we got access to some of the best ramp spells like Cultivate, Kodama’s Reach and Rampant Growth.
The two Domri can both give us a bit of ramp while pumping our creatures.
The are also two satyrs that can help us ramp: Satyr Hedonist and Voyaging Satyr.

Gallia at the moment in the first and only Satyrs’ lord existing so to pump our creature we have to rely on various artifacts, like Coat of Arms and Vanquisher’s Banner, or on creature that can act as lords for our satyrs, like Adaptive Automaton, Metallic Mimic or Grumgully.

I tried to put as many Satyrs as possible in the deck, but some were discarded as they were like vanilla creatures in this deck or they didn’t gave much to it. Two of the most interesting ones surely are Satyr Nyx-Smith and Willow Satyr. The Nyx-Smith can create for us some elemental tokens, while Willow Satyr is a weaker Empress Galina, while also being a Satyr; in Commander, where every opponent has at least one legendary creature, it can be very powerful.
Anax, Hardened in the Forge is also in this section, despite not being a Satyr, because he helps us by replacing our dying creature with some satyr tokens. We also have Xenagos, the Reveler that can ramp us or produce 2/2 Satyr Tokens.
Unfortunately Satyrs are not a tribe with lots of powerful creature, so we got to rely on Changelings to have some other creatures that can help us win the game. Some honorable mentions are Chameleon Colossus, Taurean Mauler and Webweaver Changeling (that also kinda work with the self-discard sub-theme).

We play three of the most common overrun effects… A nice add could obviously be a staple as Craterhoof Behemoth, if you want.

As removals we have what I consider the best removal in green, Beast Within, but there are also three satyrs that can help us destroy some artifacts: Irreverent Revelers, Reckless Reveler and Wild Celebrants.

Card Advantage
As card advantage I decided to put some red cards that can synergize with the self-discard theme like Thrill of Possibility.
Also Bag of Holding is really nice in this deck as it can help us recover the cards we randomly discarded with Gallia.

By discarding so much, I found useful to have cards that could help retrieving the cards we discard. The best her in my opinion are Genesis, that can help get back a creature every turn and Noxious Revival that can give us back a card with paying any mana.

Three cards that we can play at a discounted cost if we happen to discard them. Especially Basking Rootwalla as we can play it for free.

Anger is useful even if we discard it. It can gives our creatures haste if they aren’t Satyrs or even to Satyr if Gallia happens to not be on the field.
Glint-Horn Buccaneer transforms the card we discard into damage to all our opponents.
Helm of the Host can multiply our lords or can also multiplay cards like Glint-Horn Biccaneer or Willow Satyr to abuse even more of their effects.
We end with Heroic Intervention that can protect our set board from a wrath effect.

This is my take on a Gallia Commander Deck.
Feel free to leave comments on how you would improve or build the deck and also suggest me some Commanders (even with a theme if you want) to build around for the next articles.

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