Oh! My Emperor: Season One

Title: Oh! My Emperor: Season One
Original Title: 哦!我的皇帝陛下
Episodes: 21
Year: 2018
Directed by: Gao Bo
Distributed by: Tencent

Luo Fei Fei, a girl from the 21st century, was transported to a mysterious world of the past -Huang Dao Guo. In the nation of Huang Dao, its leadership is rotated among the 12 constellation owners every thousand years. There, Fei Fei meets the current emperor of the nation, Bei Tang Yi, who is also the owner of the Capricorn constellation.
(from MyDramaList.com)

What I really loved about this drama is how it is a fusion of the typical drama’s situation with comical’s ones and martial arts, all in a historical fantasy setting; really a good mix.
Despite being a love story, it isn’t too cheesy and the comical part are really hilarious. Sometimes there are some really sappy moments but they aren’t too long and common to become annoying.
Speaking about hilarious moments, I find really funny when the protagonist make references to the modern world while the other character don’t understand them or found her ideas so innovative; I really enjoyed them, even if certain are only some kind of product placement.
Some moments are really nonsense though… and also the director seems to have some kind of kink with underwater scene.

The fights are in the typical style of Chinese martial arts movies, with all the stunts and acrobatics that made this genre really famous in the world. However, sometimes the volume of the sfx is too high and clash with all the rest… and also the blood is so fake!

I really liked that the main characters are all linked to an astrological sign; it kinda give the vibe that Saint Seiya has with the Golden Saints; you try to cheer for you sign… even if, in the end, Gemini became my favorite characters (I’m a Leo).

Speaking about the story, I was really interested in the tournament part, mostly to see the fights, but they ended up showcasing only one of them and it isn’t even a 1vs1 combat as I hoped.
The finale episodes are cool and they are what I was looking for in this series; I hope they will continue like that even in the second season.

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