Oh! My Emperor: Season Two

Title: Oh! My Emperor: Season One
Original Title: 哦! 我的皇帝陛下第
Episodes: 21
Year: 2018
Directed by: Gao Bo
Distributed by: Tencent

Huangdao Country and Ophiuchus have always been at odds. When Fei Fei’s connection to Ophiuchus was revealed, she started to have a target on her back everywhere she went. Due to Fei Fei’s star sign, the three heroes of Bei Tang do everything that they can to protect her. Bei Tang Mo Ran even goes against the Empress Dowager to publicly declare the wedding with Fei Fei. It not only adds to the complicated love triangle between Luo Fei Fei, Bei Tang Yi and Bei Tang Mo Ran but also brings their relationship the the forefront of matters involving the nation. Upon learning that a conspiracy was kept secret since a thousand years ago, Bei Tang Yi risks his position and his name to help Fei Fei and her tribe’s people.
(from ChineseDrama.info)

The start of this second series is directly linked to the ending of the first one, so could be a really good idea to start watching it right after finishing the previous one.

The main plot is more defined in this second part of the drama and there is more space to the lore; like we finally discover why the Ophiuchus’s tribe is so hated.
Like the previous season, the best episodes and the ones with more action are in the final part, but here with have also a lot more drama with even more emotions involved.
I was really astonished by all the series of events happening in the final part, with a situation being completely twisted; I totally didn’t expect a shakeup like this. This finale was really emotional and exciting!

Although the themes are a bit more serious in this one and the narration is more dedicated to the main plot, some funny and hilarious part are still present.

We have the introduction of new characters and some of the old ones have more space and are more protagonists of the actions. With the further developments my favorite character has become Bei Tang Tang (Pisces)… and know I also have a deep hatred for the pharmacist; I totally can’t stand her.

If you want to enjoy a nice fantasy-historical drama this could be the one for you as it have both an interesting story, funny moments and also it isn’t too long. Yes, 42 episodes (combining both series) could seem long, but the episodes are only 20 minutes-long and so you could watch many in a single day.

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