NiziU – Make you happy

I’m arriving a bit late in telling what I think about this single but I restrained myself to watch the MV or hearing the song because I didn’t want to make myself any spoiler on who would be in the final group.
For those who doesn’t know, NiziU is a group formed in the Japanese TV-program called Nizi Project. The program ended three weeks ago but the video with English subtitles of the final episode arrived only last Friday on the official YouTube channel.
I’m quite happy with the final line-up as both of the girls I was rooting for are in it: Mayuka and Nina; even if I got a bit scared as Nina’s name was called last… for a moment I thought she wouldn’t make the final cut.

After this little digression, let’s start by watching the MV of their pre-debut single: Make you Happy.

I really liked the MV, finding the outfits to be really good… also every JYP’s cameo upgrades immediately the quality of a video: he always make me laugh so hard with his silly acts, like how is doing here or in Twice’s Knock Knock.
In some of the solo shots I found the camera to be a bit shaky and it was hard to focus on some details, like the girl’s face for instance. I think this is also because some the dance part are really fast and could be hard for the camera to follow.

Speaking about the song, I like it but I didn’t find it catchy enough to got it impress on my mind. I found hard sometimes to recall even the chorus as it also didn’t get me much.
I liked references to Twice, ITZY, Miss A and Wonder Girls; I was also amazed by Mayuka’s rap part!

I hope we will see a full album soon because I want to see what this girl can do on their own and without covering other artists.


  1. This song is already a hit, it hasn’t even been a month and they already hit 50million and this is only their pre-debut. I already love this song😍, IDK how JYP is finding such gems.
    I’ve gotta say I like RIMA, who was your favorite?

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