My Standard Deck’s update after 3rd August bans

This Monday the Ban & Restricted announcement also hit the Standard format, banning some of the cards that were considered problematic: Wilderness Reclamation, Growth Spiral, Teferi, Time Traveler and unfortunately my poor Cauldron Familiar.

Another archetype that has maintained a high win rate over a long period of time is Black-Red (or Jund) Sacrifice, featuring the Cauldron Familiar and Witch’s Oven combo. In addition to having high overall win rates, these decks put considerable pressure on aggressive and midrange creature decks. Further, the number of triggers generated by these decks can be cumbersome for both players in digital play. To weaken these sacrifice strategies, open up more metagame diversity, and create a more fun gameplay environment, Cauldron Familiar is banned.


So, by being Familiar + Oven a strong synergy I used in my Palta Nero Mazzo Vero deck, I had to do some changes.

The deck is named “Palta Nero Mazzo Vero”. The name is based on an Italian wordplay with the rhyme between Nero and Vero. It basically mean Garbage Black is the real Deck… it seems that it also work in English lol
I give my deck this name because I have the philosophy that for my standard deck (as it’s a casual format for me and I don’t play in real competitive event) I’m going to build it by using only cards that I found at prereleases, in some booster packs, traded or gifted by friends… basically I don’t want to buy singles for this format; I want to enjoy the game this way.
By having to work with the cards I’ve only available this way I end up playing some one-off or cards that aren’t really competitive and so are maybe discarded from other players… and so is Garbage Black because I relay on the cards that maybe for others are garbage.

Let’s start with the new post-ban list:
Palta Nero Mazzo Vero’s decklist

Of course due to the ban the cards I removed were Cauldron Familiar and, due to the lost in synergy with the deck, Witch’s Oven. I also decided to remove the Deathless Knight because they weren’t enough useful without the constant lifegain of the Familiar bringing them back from the graveyard

-4 Cauldron Familiar, +1 Thieves’ Guild Enforcer, +3 Whisper Squad
With the lost of the Familiar combo that gave me the ability to stall games I decided to go more aggro as deck style. Thieves’ Guild Enforcer seemed the right card for me: a possible 3/2 with Deathtouch at cost 1 that doesn’t rotate with the next set? I’m in!
Unfortunately I only have one of them and so I also added 3 Whisper Squad; nothing too special but they seem good to sink in excess mana and thin out my deck.

-4 Witch’s Oven, +2 Demonic Embrace, +2 Grasp of Darkness
Demonic Embrace is a really powerful card that m21 added to the pool for an aggro deck using black. I wanted to add 4 of them but again I have only 2 of them and so I added the Grasp of Darkenss as some cheap removals.

-2 Deathless Knight, +1 Kitesail Freebooter, +1 Swamp
By opening the two slots of the knights I decided to add a fourth copy of the Freebooter as she performed so well in the last games. I also decided to add an additional Swamp as I was experiencing mana problems in the last games.

SB: -1 Cry of the Carnarium, -1 Eat to Extinction, +2 Oathsworn Knight
Cry of the Carnarium was there only to fight against mirror deck that used the cat combo and so with the ban it became useless. Eat to Extinction never performed well.
I decided to reintroduce two copies of Oathsworn Knight so I can put them in, replacing the Freebooters versus deck that doesn’t have many non-creature spells.

SB: -1 Noxious Grasp, -1 Witch’s Vengeance, +2 Extinction Event
Noxious Grasp is a card that lately I rarely sided in, while Witch’s Vengeance was intended as a one-sided wrath effect that never worked well enough. I decided to replace both of them with Extinction Event, a card that I hope will help me against deck that likes to go wide.

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