ITZY – Not Shy

Hey hey hey!
A new ITZY album is out!

Last album was so good that I’m so excited for this one.
In this album we have six new tracks by ITZY with, as usual, an MV for the title track. Let’s jump right into it!

Not Shy
This is the main track that both comes with an MV and gives the title to the album.
The MV is really cool and the outfits are amazing, especially the ones where they are all in white. The scenes during the credits made me laugh so hard; I think it’s a way to show the cute side of ITZY.
The beat is really good but the song got me only during the chorus. I like it but I think I prefer WANNABE.

Don’t Give a What
I found this track to be a bit confusing with the continuous switching of rhythm.
Ryujin’s rap break is surely fire! I liked it a lot!

The beat here at the beginning is really tripping but the drop isn’t really good; to me it seemed too soft.
Again I think that what saved the song was Ryujin’s rap part plus Lia’s vocals.

This song is really good! The vocal and the rap parts are all on point. I like seeing the girls doing something different from their usual, like Lia’s rapping.

I really love the beat of this song! I really like how it gives a vibe of summer and vacation.
The vocal in the chorus are really attracting , but generally I like the singing in whole the song.
I really liked this song and it’s my favorite one of the album. It really remembered me of the vacation I did with my friends, relaxing on the beach.

Be in Love
This song is a ballad and so ITZY’s vocals here really shine. I really like the singing but I have to admit that I prefer ITZY with their girl crush style.

I think that this album showed us a different side of ITZY rather then their usual heavy girl crush. Unfortunately I didn’t like it as much as the previous one, but for sure it isn’t a bad one.

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