NMB48 – だって だって だって

Finally! The day has come!
We fan of NMB48 waited so long for this album that almost seems a dream that finally it is here!
だって だって だって was scheduled to come out in May but, due to the global pandemic, it was postponed until yesterday… but finally it’s here!
We have seven new songs with a full MV and three short MVs. The album is available in five version: A, B, C, D and the Theater one. All the albums have the two main tracks plus an exclusive one and the off vocal version of them.
I will check out all the tracks and give you my opinions on them! Let’s start!

This is the title track and the only one that was already available in April. I really like when an MV try to narrate a story and this is one of them: we can see the MNB’s members acting as schoolgirls recording their own drama. I really nice concept that can tell a nice story although having so few time to show it…and also I love seeing Miru as the director of the drama!
I really liked the song and after it came out I found myself singing the chorus various time.

For those who still didn’t understand it, I’m a huge fan of Miru! So much that when I went to the NMB48’s shop in Osaka I had to buy her pin for the 49th Elections:

So finding a track with her as a soloist was really an amazing surprise!
I love the MV because is basically one of their photobook for a fan: a product dedicated totally to her.
The song is really good. I like the beat in the background and I find the chorus to be particularly catchy.

This is the track exclusive for the A-Version.
Being the translation of it “Hate” I totally didn’t expect a track like this with that nice guitar rift and up-beat rhythm. It was a pleasant surprise.

This song instead had exactly what I was expecting for! With a title like Youth Is a Brass Band I would have pretended to have some brass in the background! And so it was!
For me this song has one of the classical AKB’s sister group vibes giving that atmosphere of living your youth with all the problems and happy moments typical of the teenagers. This is the exclusive song for the B-Version.

Be happy
If Hate was such a chill song I worried for a moment that this one would be really aggressive with such title.
The beat is amazing! It remembered me all the track I loved to play on Dance Dance Revolution (or Stepmania, it depended from the Arcade)… and that final beat drop with the dance part was really amazing!
I love that the MV shows the entrance to the NMB’s theater in Osaka.
This track is my favorite of the album and so when I will be back to Japan I will probably purchase the C-version.

This is the exclusive track of the D-Version.
I really like the pastel color of the outfits and the rooms in the MV, but I have to admit that the song didn’t tell me much.

A finally this is the exclusive song of the theater edition. It’s another solo and it’s singed by Murasa Sae, another Produce48’s contestant for those who watched the program.
I really like also this song especially for the beat and the lyrics are really catchy!

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