Matt Spencer – The Night and the Land

Title: The Night and the Land
Author: Matt Spencer
Series: The Deschembine Trilogy (Book 1 of 3)
Year: 2019
Goodreads page: Link

Among the local hippies and squatters of Brattleboro, Vermont, Sally Wildfire is on the run, hiding from her cruel, relentless family. She finds unexpected love with Rob, a bristly young man freshly awoken to alien sensations and ancestral memories of a long-forgotten realm…setting them both on a collision course with a brutal rite of passage, as the Wildfire family leaves a trail of mangled corpses on the road to Brattleboro.
(from Goodreads)

First of all I would like to warn you not to be discouraged if you find the book a bit confusing in the beginning, as most of the things are purposely left unexplained. I think that all this “not explaining things” is really useful to let you experience what Rob is feeling at the moment, increasing by a lot the sense of immersion. The sense of mystery is amplified and the small hints that are given little by little will spur you to read more to discover what is going on.

This book is a Dark Fantasy kind of story and so is recommended to a more mature audience due to the language used and the type of scenarios present in it. Awesome fighting scenes will get you amped on adrenaline while the crudity of other ones could get you some chills.

Also every character has its secrets and backgrounds, that will be slowly discovered and will fuse together to create the main plot. The reader can see the point of view of various of them, understanding their feelings and line of thought while getting a more complete view on what is happening.

Speaking about characters, I really liked the dualism we can see in the one of Puttergong; initially it made me laugh really hard and I loved the humor it added to the story with its ways of action and speaking. Moving forward however its presence became always more enigmatic and negative: if initially I maybe saw it only as some kind of mascot, near the end I was reserving a more special attention to its apparitions.

The only “flaw” of this book, in my opinion, is that it leaves a lot of unresolved issues, pushing you to read the following ones to understand some of the things showcased in this book. If taken alone it is really a good book, but it will leave you unsatisfied with all the questions it raised and never gave an answer to. It needs the rest of the trilogy to shine at its best.

I sure hope the following books will be full of amazing scenes and tense moments as this one! I’m really excited to see what else is in store for our bitter-boy.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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