My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought – Chp. 1

Title: My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought
Original Title: 親愛的我飽含殺意, 親愛なる僕へ殺意をこめて
Author: Hajime Inoryuu
Artist: Shouta Itou

Urashima Eiji, a college student, goes to sleep after a fun drinking night with his friends. When he wakes up he discovers a beautiful girl next to him who treats him as if they are in a loving relationship. Later, Eiji finds out that 3 days have passed since he went out with his crew. What did he do during all that time and why does he have no memory of it? By confronting that reality, he will be caught in tragedy…

I decided to try reading this anime after seeing Joey from TheAnimeMan talking about it in one of his video. Fans of the way of the husband don’t worry as I’m not dropping it but I’m switching to this for a brief time as the translated chapter are lesser and so I will get in pair faster

The beginning was very surprising, especially with that first frame and that ambiguous words… and I was shocked and amused after reading what really was going on.

I like how it showcases so realistically the classical lifestyle of college guys.

But it seems that the constant plot twist would be the main theme of this manga with strange facts happening one right after the other.

The themes of this manga and the scene in it are more indicated for a more mature audience… some of the mare also really hilarious but I think you need a certain age to understand them fully.

The reveal about his father was a think I already knew due to the review I saw, but for sure I didn’t expect it would have come out like that, but I found the part right after to be really cute.

The mysterious girl always gives me some chills… Could her be related to one of Eiji’s father’s victims?

…And daaamn! I heard it was a bit gory but I totally didn’t expect that! For sure if you are a bit susceptible to this kind of think it isn’t the manga for you.

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