Exploding Goblins: a janky brew for Zendikar Rising’s Standard

When Fireblade Charger was revealed I got pretty hyped because I thought it could easily get a place in my Modern 8Whack deck as I have two vacant slot at the moment.
However after a few moments I started wondering if its ability could open up the possibility of going with a one hit knock out in Standard and so I started tinkering with the deck builder.

The final result was a version of the Storm Herald‘s combo deck, featuring Fireblade Charger as finisher.

You may like this deck if:
– You like janky combos that can really surprise your playgroup or the other player at you LGS.
– You want a budget deck.
– You like to win by making a giant goblin explode in your opponent’s face.

You may dislike this deck if:
– You want a really competitive deck.
– You don’t want your strategy to be easily disrupted.
– You don’t like to play red.

A Storm Herald’s combo deck usually works by discarding Colossification into the graveyard and then using the Herald to get it back on the field and equip it to one of your creatures.
In my opinion, Fireblade Charger is a great card for this deck as it gives the consistency of playing basically a mono-red deck (Colossification is green and we could hard-cast it but still it’s a really rare occurrence) and the hypothetical possibility of winning on turn 4.

An example of turn 4 win would be:
Turn 1: Play a land and, if you want, play Fireblade Charger.
Turn 2: Play a land and play Hobblefiend or Thrill of Possibility (discarding Colossification)
Turn 3: Play a land and play what you didn’t play on turn 2, then play the Fireblade Charger if you still haven’t done it.
Turn 4: Play a land and play Storm Herald, enchanting the Fireblade Charger with the Colossification. Use your last mana to use the Hobblefiend ability, sacrificing the Fireblade and doing 21 damages to your opponent. BOOOM! Catch this goblin!

As you can probably imagine there are many things that could disrupt this combo: removing Colossification from the graveyard, countering Storm Herald, destroying Fireblade Charger before it gets enchanted… and so this would hardly be a top tier deck.

You can find the full decklist here:
Exploding Goblins

And now let’s breakdown the single cards…

Colossification, Fireblade Charger, Storm Herald
This is the core of the deck as explained before. Colossification can work with both of the other two cards without the necessity of having the other ones but the process is way slower.

Cathartic Reunion, Merchant of the Vale and Thrill of Possibility
These cards have the double job of ditching Colossification into the graveyard and let us dig into our deck to look for the pieces of our combo. Merchant of the Vale would mostly be cast only as Haggle, but you could even play the creature part if things aren’t going particularly well.

Hobblefiend and Weaponize the Monster
This two cards let us sacrifice our Fireblade to do some big damages. Weapone the Monster can also be useful to do the last few damages if the one from the combo aren’t enough.

Fling and Kazuul’s Fury
Flinging a Colossified Fireblade would result in 42 damages to the face of one of our opponents (21 from Fling + 21 from the Fireblade) and this resolves the problem of going against Lifegain decks (42 damages is also a really interesting number! I’m looking at you EDH players 😉 or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘s fans)
Kazuul’s Fury is basically a 3-mana Fling but can also help us by having its other face as a land.

The Mana Base
Really simple: 18 Mountains and 4 Cragcrown Pathway (plus we also have the Kazuul’s Fury). The Pathways are there to help us hard cast the Colossification but you could easily swap them out for 4 more Mountains and it almost never happens.

So this was my janky brew! I hope you enjoyed it and that some of you will try to explode a giant goblin into your opponents’s faces.
Let me know if you would have built it differently and what would you change!

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