My Standard Deck’s update after Zendikar Rising

Zendikar Rising is out but unfortunately I didn’t find anything useful for my Standard Deck during the prerelease. But an update is needed as I totally changed the deck from what you saw in the last post about it.

The deck is named “Palta Nero Mazzo Vero”. The name is based on an Italian wordplay with the rhyme between Nero and Vero. It basically mean Garbage Black is the real Deck… it seems that it also work in English lol
I give my deck this name because I have the philosophy that for my standard deck (as it’s a casual format for me and I don’t play in real competitive event) I’m going to build it by using only cards that I found at prereleases, in some booster packs, traded or gifted by friends… basically I don’t want to buy singles for this format; I want to enjoy the game this way.
By having to work with the cards I’ve only available this way I end up playing some one-off or cards that aren’t really competitive and so are maybe discarded from other players… and so is Garbage Black because I rely on the cards that maybe for others are garbage.

Let’s start with the actual list, you can see my decklist by clicking here

As you can see from the decklist, I’ve completely abandoned the previous Devotion theme and went with an aggro/reanimator strategy instead. Due to this really big change I will explain the deck completely.

Archfiend’s Vessel x4, Gingerbrute x4, Serrated Scorpion x4, Thieves’ Guild Enforcer x4
All the one-drops are the base of the aggro strategy. Archfiend’s Vessel and Serrated Scorpion are two cards that also work well with the reanimator theme as the first creates a 5/5 Flying Demon when reanimated and the second gives us the possibility to abuse again of his dying trigger.
Gingerbrute gives the nice feeling of already starting to damage our opponents on the first turn.
The Guild Enforcer mill usually won’t be fundamental if not for powering it up… but I won a game thanks to hit versus an Uro deck that ended up milling itself.

Kitesail Freebooter x4, Murderous Rider x4
These are our interactions for our opponents’ hands and creatures. The nice part is that they are both creatures and so they offer also some board presence for our aggro strategy.  

Lurrus of the Dream-Den x2, Call of the Death-Dweller x4, Order of the Midnight x2
This is the reanimation package. Lurrus is a really powerful way to play each turn one of our creatures from the graveyard. Call instead let us reanimate up to two creatures (even Lurrus) while giving them some extra bonus. Order of the Midnight is more like a pet card for me, but it can serve some purpose in the deck by getting back to us one of our creatures while also being a flying attacker that can be reanimated by Lurrus.

Demonic Embrace x4
This card gives a huge boost to our creatures by giving them +3 power and flying. The fact that we can recast it from the graveyard is a nice bonus as if they remove our creature we don’t totally lose this card.

Village Rites x2
A card advantage option that also can put one of our creatures to the graveyard for some bonus, like the Scorpion for the damage or the Vessel to reanimate it as a Demon.

Most of the sideboard is really similar to the previous one. I removed some of the cards that were starting to cost too much for the deck manabase or that weren’t as effective as before.
Grasp of Darkness is here because sometimes I felt the need of more targeted removal.
Tymaret, Chosen from Death is here for Uro decks to remove it from their graveyard.
Agonizing Remorse is another card to hit the hand of our opponents.

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