Weki Meki – New Rules

Weki Meki are back with a brand new mini album! Let’s listen to it together and let me give you my first impression about the new tracks!

As usual, the first track is the one that comes with a MV. Let’s watch it!

I’m not a fan of the white outfits but I like all the others. I really like the dance parts but generally the MV didn’t tell me much.
The title describe perfectly the song: it is really cool and the base is so strong that it need a bass-boosted version to play in the car!
Tons of rap and I love it!

Sweet Dreams
…are made of this. The first half of this song really remembered me of some of the first Twice’s song… but then it start with a really strong rap. I really like this dualism in the song.

A really nice ballad and I adored the vocals here… but it felt so classic and already-heard. It’s a shame it doesn’t have any type of twist or some kind of Weki Meki’s signature in it.

Just Us
Same feeling of D-Day, unfortunately. Another ballad-type of song that hasn’t anything new.

100 Facts (Cool Eng. Ver)
Nothing much to say about the song as it is Cool but singed in English.

I don’t have anything else to say…
Unfortunately this album felt a lot more delusional as half of it didn’t tell me much. Cool and Sweet Dreams are really good while the else didn’t have much impact on me.
I hope for a better album next time

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