Playing my first Cube!

Yesterday night I was invited to join some other people from my LGS to play a private Vintage Cube. It was my first time playing Vintage but also my first time enjoying a Cube Experience! I was pretty excited but also a bit thoughtful because I totally didn’t know what to expect to find in it, while the others already played with this Cube. It was also only my second time drafting so I still had to pick up some skills and tricks that an experienced draft player learned by doing a lot of them… but this was a super friendly environment and we were all there to have fun so they helped me out a lot, giving tons of advice.
We prepared the various booster packs and then we started drafting. We were 6 players.

The first packed I opened a Sol Ring and so it was an insta-pick as fast mana is always powerful. Then I started to draft white as the majority of good pieces I was finding were in that color.
The second pack I also found some fast mana and the certainly the most iconic of the game: Black Lotus and with that I started drafting some nice black pieces that suited a Reanimator deck.
In the last pack I found an Ancient Tomb and then they passed me a Stoneforge Mystic followed by a Batterskull that made me create the really famous synergy between the two.

Then I started building the deck and this is the final result:
Click here to see the list of my Orzhov Reanimator deck.

We were going to do 3 turns of play and so we started with the first game.

Round 1 vs Esper Prison
Game 1
I start really strong with Ancient Tomb and Sol Ring, ready to start my reanimating plan. He plays a Gonti stealing my Black Lotus! I was so sad and he used it to have a really powerful boost in his game.
I played Hallowed Spiritkeeper and started blocking and stalling the game by blocking with it and reanimating it by sacrificing the spirit it generated with Recurring Nightmare.
He then proceeded to play Kaya and Teferi, removing the important pieces from my graveyard, leaving me with nothing to do while he slowly killed me with his creatures.
Game 2
I keep a land without black because I could easily play the first turns even without it and I didn’t have in hand any spell that requested a double black source to cast it… but I end up missing my third land drop. He fills his board really easily and ends up chipping me off with Adanto Vanguard and stalling me with Teferi. He got an easy win.

0 win – 1 lost

Round 2 vs Esper Artifacts
Game 1
I start with a Bazaar of Baghdad in hand that let me discard Ashen Rider. I reanimate the Rider and starts to make huge damage without a few impediments as I removed one of his lands with its ETBs and so he plays and Oblivion Stone a turn too late. He cracks it destroying the Rider (that takes with him another of his lands) but the next turn I win the game by reanimating the Rider with Corpse Dance
Game 2
Again I have a really strong start this time thanks to Vampire Nighthawk and Liliana of the Veil. I start to play more creatures and he has to use a Wrath to try and get back in the game. Post wrath I discard Ashen Rider with Liliana and immediately reanimate it. I won in the following turns by equipping it with a Sword of Body and Mind.

1 win – 1 lost

Round 3 vs 5-color Good Stuff
Game 1
He starts making value really fast by blocking him with Ophiomancer and Spectral Procession slowing him down. This gives me enough time to get the advantage by playing Vampire Nighthawk and then I reanimate Angel of Serenity. The Angel cleans his board and I can easily swing for the win.
Game 2
I finally play the Stoneforge Mystic, tutoring for the Batterskull, but he removes the Mystic before I can cheat it into play. I reanimated Stoneforge and picked the Sword of Body and Mind. He plays a Oko but I started to play more pieces than the one he can block or remove, plus he only had blue or green creatures on board and so the Sword gave me a strong unblocked attacker each turn, because he preferred prioritizing Food or transforming Batterskull into an Elk. The Elks despite losing their abilities are still strong attackers and when he decides to transform the sword into one is too late and I can easily win with all my creatures.  

Final result: 2 win – 1 loss

Not bad for a first time playing with a cube and basically drafting without knowing what cards would be in it!
I really liked playing it and also gave me some ideas for my Commander decks. We also made another cube draft after this so stay tuned because a report of it will also arrive soon!  


    • Yep! You totally have the eye for them! It was really fun! I will also post the other cube I did and I also played some iconic card there! I really love to play various and different deck so is totally an experience that I loved to do

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