Playing Cube: Vintage Dimir Good Stuff

Hi everyone and welcome to the report of the second cube I did last week!
With this second game I felt more secure with the cards and the various archetypes, but at the same time I was pretty tired and so I think I messed up a bit.

I started drafting a blue Artifact deck but then during the second pack I started receiving blue and black stuff for a Show and Tell deck. Third pack was a mixture of the two and so I ended up mixing the archetypes for a sub-optimal deck.

I basically built a Dimir Goodstuff and you can find the decklist by clicking here

Again it was announced that there would be 3 rounds of play.

Round 1 vs Mardu Superfriends
Game 1
We start really slowly by doing land-pass for the first 4 turns. On turn 5 I cast Bribery and get his Ulamog on the field but him, on his turn, cast Balance making me sacrifice it.
He starts playing various Planeswalkers, doing tons of value with them and finishes me with Nahiri‘s ulti, by putting Ulamog on the field and hitting me really hard with it.
Game 2
He is stuck on few lands but has two Mox to help him out. He fills his board but I remove his pieces little by little thanks to Ophiomancer and some sport removals. I cast Tinker bringing a Myr Battlesphere from the deck on the field. He again casts Balance, leaving me with two lands and only big cards in hand. I concede.

0 win – 1 lost

Round 2 vs Angel Stax
Game 1
I start really well by keeping the board clean and casting a Bribery on curve. I noticed that he was basically playing a mono white deck with only a black splash so I put his Iona on the field, choosing white… but he has the black removal in hand. He cast Linvala and Moat giving me zero possibility to attack. I found a Reanimate and used it to bring back Iona on the field, choosing again white. I have Scarab God on the field but I can only do one damage per turn because Linvala blocks its ability. The game is stalled with him that can’t attack with Linvala because I have Maze of Ith on the field and me that I didn’t want to attack because I didn’t want to lose the advantage of Iona. I play Griselbrand and that gives me enough power in the air to go for lethal after chipping down my opponent with the Scarab God.
Game 2
He starts really strong by playing Linvala and Giver of Runes this makes it really hard for me to remove or block them and so he easily wins by getting ahead really fast.
Game 3
Again he drops down Linvala and the Giver of Runes but this time I have Damnation that saves me. I start gaining advantage with a clean board by playing Urza, Coercive Portal and Mindslaver.
I sacrifice for Tinker the Portal and cast the Battlesphere, that gives me enough mana to activate the Mindslaver. I control his turn by leaving him with no blocker and with no mana open. I go lethal with the Battlesphere and Urza’s Token.  

1 win – 1 lost

Round 3 vs Golgari Reanimator
Game 1
At this point I was really tired (it was 3 AM) and I decided to totally go YOLO by playing a card that I never had the occasion to play in this cube and this was the worst match to bring it out: Show and Tell.
I drop my Myr Battlesphere while he plays Terastodon leaving me with no lands. He discards and reanimates a Ulamog hitting me really hard for the win.
Game 2
This game was really too fast! He started really strong by reanimating Ulamog on turn 2. This was enough because with Indestructible was impossible for me to remove it and blocking was totally ineffective. He milled my whole deck with two attacks and I had lost due to an empty library.  

Final result: 1 win – 2 lost

I have to say that I did enjoy myself less in this second cube than in the first one… I think mostly because this second deck has less synergies and a less well-thought game plan than the previous one
However I really enjoyed playing this type of format and I really hope there will be other occasions to do it in the future.  

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