TWICE – Eyes Wide Open

What a better start to my vacation then the release of the second Twice’s full album?
Thirteen brand new song from my favorite artist and a new MV!
I will use this blog post to share with you my opinions about it! Let’s start!

I Can’t Stop Me
The music in the beginning reminded me a lot of Physical by Dua Lipa. We also have Momo in the rap break! The song is good but I think it is missing the catchy part that usually Twice’s title track had (even if after saying this I sill know I will find myself singing it all day). It is still on the more girl crushy vibe then on the bubbly one, as the most recent songs are.
The visual in the MV are truly gorgeous and Jeongyeon on the motorbike was so cool (that scene also reminded me of Tron). I love the outfits but for me it seemed like Dahyun had somewhat less screentime then the others.

Hell in Heaven
The first beat drop really surprised me a it was really really soft! A lot pleasing for my hears. I really love the chorus and Mina’s voice there is really amazing. The rap parts is also really light and appreciated to hear Sana’s rap for a bit.
I really liked this song as it sounded as something new for Twice

Up No More
The beat of this song reminded me of the Japanese City Pop music of the ”80. I don’t like much how it is singed as, apart from the chorus, it sounded a bit off to me.

Do What We Like
The beginning tune really gave me a sense of melancholy and the lyrics accentuated that for me. It made me think to Japan and to my girlfriend and so even when the beat dropped into a more dance song, it remained bittersweet for me. I really liked the lyrics of this song and also the beat is really catchy.

Bring It Back
This song felt a lot weird to me and I didn’t like much the singed. The beat is really nice and that drop in the middle was really unexpected. I think that what saved this song for me was Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s rap part near the end of it.

Jihyo’s voice in the beginning was really gold for my hears. Unfortunately this was another song that didn’t tell me much apart from that amazing vocals in the beginning; I found it pretty plain.

The beat is really catchy right from the beginning and those vocalizations are really good! Those were the main selling points for this song but I generally really liked it! Twice truly are queens!

Go Hard
The pronunciation of some English words here is a bit off… but the chorus? DAAAAAMN! They really did go hard! I really liked the rhythm of this song and I found it pretty cool!

Shot Clock
This song reminded me a bit of Touchdown, maybe for the “sporty” beat. Also that was that Likey Likey in the lyrics, it seems like Twice liked to quote their own songs in this album. Dahyun’s rap part was really fire!

Handle It
I really liked the ballad style of this song and the vocals are really on point. I love to close my eyes when listening this song and being cradled by their voices

Depend On You
For a moment I thought there wouldn’t be any cute songs in this album, but luckily this song was there! This is the kind of song that made me like Twice so I was really happy to find one in this style even in this new album.

Say Something
Another City Pop style of beat! I really like how JYP decided to include this retro style into the album! It also had some kind of Persona’s vibe. The music is really good and I really liked the vocals. I think this might be my favorite song of the album.

Behind the Mask
While reading the title I obviously thought about the current global pandemic afflicting the world, but I imagined that the title wasn’t related at all. The mask talked about in the song really reminded me more of the concept of the masks from Pirandello. I found the song to be really sad but I really liked it.

One comment

  1. This is the first time I’ve listened to a twice song the day it released. Twice’s “ooh-ahh” was one of the first Kpop songs I listened to and it’s still one of my favorites. I’m fairly new to this Kpop concept but I’m getting the grab of it. “I Can’t Stop Me” is a great song, I wish it reaches 100 million soon.

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