Matt Spencer – The Blazing Chief

Title: The Blazing Chief
Author: Matt Spencer
Series: The Deschembine Trilogy (Book 3 of 3)
Year: 2020
Goodreads page: Link

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 3rd book of the series, so it could contain spoiler of the previous one even in the synopsis. Read at your discretion.

For untold ages, the refugees from the land of Deschemb have lived secretly beneath the surface of human society. Now modern civilization crumbles as their ancient feud boils to the surface. As chaos and brutality engulf the world, strange alien forces reshape the lands for a new beginning…for whoever survives.
In the frozen Canadian wastes, the United Deschembines take shelter in an abandoned military base, under the leadership of Jesse Karn, Zane Rochester, and Sally Coscan.
In the Louisiana swamps, Rob and Remelea press towards the ruins of New Orleans, for a final confrontation with Talino.
In Brattleboro, Vermont, a long-forgotten doorway opens, to a land beyond living memory, where two lifelong enemies must journey as allies, to save two worlds, or destroy them. 
(from Goodreads)

Finally the third and last book of this trilogy arrived in the hands of the readers who were waiting for this conclusion of this amazing story. I was also pretty excited myself!

There is a little time skip between the second and the third book as it was present between the first two. The world is undergoing the consequences of what happened during the second book and we went from an urban dark fantasy story to a post-apocalyptic one.

Gore and violence seems much more in comparison with the previous books and some of the scenes may result disturbing to some of the readers; definitely recommended for an adult audience.

To me the story seemed a bit rushed in certain parts. Tons of important events without the right spaces dedicated to them; too many things happening in too few pages, giving a sense of chaos to the whole thing. I fear that the author wanted to narrate a lot more but it was pressed by the fact that he had to close the story with this third book.
The story in this book can be totally distinct in two different parts: the first one seems only a setting up for what will happen in the second one and for me it was almost forgettable; the second one is where the most interesting events take place with some sublime fights.

Tons of the characters of the previous books will make a comeback in this one. I was especially happy with the return of my beloved Puttergong! It always makes me laugh so hard!
Speaking about the characters for quite some time while reading I had the impression that some of the characters were thrown away without giving the right amount of pathos to their departures. I think this thing is always linked to the problem of the space I talked about before.

The revelation the author made in the finale was amazing and mind tripping and the final battle was really spectacular. It is a shame that most of the book seems rushed and a bit chaotic. I would have totally preferred it if it was divided in two different volumes where the author could dwell on the event with a slower pace.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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