“Die for Lily”‘s update after Commander Legends

Last weekend was the official release for Commander Legends! It brought us tons of new Commander, and also some useful reprints.

Some of the new cards also found a place into my current EDH deck. Regarding my Liliana deck, two cards of this new expansion and I also made some other changes.

You can find the previous post of this deck here

While by clicking here you can find the updated decklist.

Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room: Jeweled Lotus. Tons of people started to consider this card like an auto-include in all the deck when it was spoiler but I was and I’m not of the same opinion. In fact I decided not to add it to my Liliana deck. Sure, having Liliana down on turn 1 would be really nice in some cases but in the mid-late game it ends up being a dead draw, on a par with a land or even worse, and so I avoided adding it.
The following are the changes I made to the deck:  

+ Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools; – Torment of Hailfire
Torment of Hailfire was put in the deck to act as a finisher once I had the ability to produce tons of mana thanks to various cards in my deck, but most of the time it was a dead draw and only in a single game did it give me the victory. So I decided to swap it out for the new Planeswalker spoilered in Commander Legends.
Szat is really a powerhouse; ok, is -10 can be clunky in certain playgroups but the fact that it can create blockers to protect my Planeswalkers with its +2 and make card advantage with the +1 really sold it to me.   

+ War Room; – Blast Zone
When War Room was spoilered my first thought was that it is a better version of Castle Lochtwain, and so my first thought was to remove the castle for it; but then, after analyzing the deck, I saw that I had that Blast Zone sitting there and that didn’t perform well as it was too slow to be effective.

+ Yawgmoth’s Will; – Phyrexian Reclamation
One of the problems that surface while playing the deck was related to my combo: they all relied on an artifact and I wasn’t able to quickly recover it from the graveyard if it got destroyed. So I decided to add Yawgmoth’s Will to overcome this problem. I decided to remove to Reclamation for it because it was another card that didn’t perform really well during the various testing; it was easier to simply reanimate a creature then to get it back into hand and replay it.  

+ Expedition Map; – Open the Graves
Open the Graves was another card that ended up performing worse than I expected and so I wanted to substitute it. The cards that really performed well in the deck and that really made me tons of games were the lands and so I decided to add the Expedition Map to have a cheap way to tutor for them.  


  1. For me, jeweled lotus is an auto-include ONLY for mono-colored commanders. Otherwise, I’m of your opinion. It’s as bad as drawing a sol ring when you REALLY needed that removal or counter-spell 😀 I do think the price will stay as high as it is though, just because it’s at mythic and I don’t see them reprinting it any time soon…

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