Starr Z. Davies – Ordinary

Title: Ordinary
Author: Starr Z. Davies
Series: Powers (Book 1 of 3)
Year: 2020
Goodreads page: Link

Having a superpower is ordinary. Your Power determines your entire life. But 17-year-old Ugene is Powerless. He can’t read minds or enhance his strength. He can’t manipulate natural matter or heal injuries.
Determined to find out why he is different, Ugene submits himself as a test subject at Paragon. But nothing is as it seems. All exits from the testing floor are sealed. Subjects endure brutal and sometimes deadly injuries. No amount of power can save them.
When his new friend Jade disappears, Ugene is shocked to discover why so many test subjects vanish without a trace.
Now, Ugene must choose between his own preservation . . . or the lives of countless other test subjects.
(from Goodreads)

I have to admit it, what spurred me to read this book was the fact that the starting situation really reminded me of one of my favorite anime: My Hero Academia. They are in fact really similar; a powerless boy in a world where everyone has superpowers. The premises are the same but the further developments in Ordinary are more cynical and mature.

The beginning of the book was quite ordinary but then it really caught me up. Tons of action, thrilling moments, mystery… This book has all I look for in a book to really entertain me. The author also knows really well how to manage the narrative times: she knows when to slow it down to let the reader absorb all the information and when to speed it up to fully capture the attention during the most fast-paced moments.

The book is written in the first person and this really helps in getting immersed in the story and in the action. The author knows really well how they cut the scene when the protagonist blacks out, letting the reader prove the same confusion felt by Ugene.

The characters of this book are double-edged swords; I liked how each of them is unique and different from the others in various ways. There are really a lot of them and, while this helps out avoiding redundancy, they are presented in rapid succession and this could be confusing.

The final fight is really amazing, but generally all the final part kept me with bated breath. I read it all in one breath because I was struggling to put it down for how much it got me!
The ending is really open and calls for the next book… that I can’t wait to read.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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