NiziU – Step and a step

Finally the debut album of NiziU is out!!!
We have three new tracks and a new MV. Make you happy was quite promising so I hope this one will be as good as it was.
Let’s start with the album review!

Step and a step
The song is not bad… is good but it didn’t excite me or stuck in my head; the same problem I had with Make you happy. I really liked the lyrics and Rima’s rap part was really good.
Speaking about the MVs, it didn’t tell me much and most of the outfits were nothing special. Various accessories felt like “too much”, like Mayuka’s enormous ribbon or the key ring worn by Mako.  

I liked this song a lot more then the title track and I think that maybe this should have been the one with an MV dedicated to it. It is a really cheerful song that I think better represents the image of NiziU. The lyrics aren’t as deep as in Step and a step but I think the song is generally better.
…also Mayuka is so cute when rapping!  

Sweet Bomb !
The beat of this song hit me so hard! I totally wasn’t expecting this from NiziU! Also I love the dualism of Mayuka: she was so sweet when rapping in Joyful when here she sounded totally badass!
I think JYP tried various genres in this album to understand which one is the best for the group.
I really liked Sweet Bomb ! and I think it is a really cool side track.  

Make you happy
You can find my review of Make you happy by clicking here.

After hearing Step and a step I was a bit worried for the album as it wasn’t up to my expectations, but luckily Joyful and Sweet Bomb ! proved me wrong. I really hope that NiziU will continue in the direction of these two songs in the next albums.  

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