Starr Z. Davies – Unique

Title: Unique
Author: Starr Z. Davies
Series: Powers (Book 2 of 3)
Year: 2020
Goodreads page: Link

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 8th book of the series, so it could contain spoiler of the previous one even in the synopsis. Read at your discretion.

Ugene and the other test subjects escaped Paragon. They thought they were finally safe. But the battle for freedom is far from over.
Now, Ugene must fight to liberate the city from the clutches of the oppressive government before the rogue group, the Protectorate, launches their own dangerous attack. But digging into the Directorate’s corruption could be even deadlier than escaping Paragon.
As the clock ticks down, it’s more than just his own life on the line.
It’s time for the deception to end. And it’s time for everyone to finally learn that being Powerless isn’t weakness.
(from Goodreads)

I was really excited to start reading this book because I totally appreciated the first one of the series (you can find my review of it here).

However, this book seemed a lot weaker then the first one to me… or this is what I thought during the initial part of it! After a beginning that isn’t the best, the story takes off with a series of events that will keep you glued to the pages.

Suspense and tension are palpable in some of the scenes. The author really did an amazing job in engaging the reader in the story, keeping it with bated breath and giving the possibility to fully live the same situations the characters are in by a magistral use of the first person.
There is a scene in the last part of the book that really got me fired up; without making any spoilers, after a certain speech I was also feeling motivated to fight with our heroes!

Speaking about fights, they are amazing with the struggles getting real when the various superpowers start to getting used in the most creative ways.

Apart from a weak start, the only other problem that I’ve found is the same as in the other book, even if here is less marked: too many characters. There is the bug number of characters from the previous book, too which we have to add the newer one; it doesn’t ruin the reading at all but it could be difficult to keep track of all the various figures.

The finale seems to put an end to the story… but I also knew that a third book of the saga is going to be published next year and so I went to snoop around and found out it will be a story happening parallelly at this first two books.
So… we know the ending but it seems there is more to be discovered yet! 

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this as much as you did. While I’m a big fan of DNF’ing books, what you describe here is why I’m still hesitant to dnf. What if I miss out on a great book because the author couldn’t do a good job just in the beginning? Ahhhhhh, the uncertainties 🙂

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