Today is the official date of the release of the new Twice’s single “CRY FOR ME”.
A unfinished version of the song was first performed at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards but I waited until today to listen to it to share my opinion on the spot with you.
So… let’s start!  

I like the change in the rhythm we have from the start until the drop of the chorus; it starts slow but then it becomes more and more upbeat.
I like the chorus and the vocals were really cool, but generally the song didn’t tell me much… so I decided to try and look for the video of the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards… maybe the video will entertain me more.  

Ok! The video is really cool! Especially with that change of clothes from Nayeon at the beginning.
The choreography and the setting is really awesome and now I can totally understand the hype behind the release of this single. Too bad the group wasn’t complete during MAMAs.

The video is really good, but I’m still neutral about the song; it’s not bad but it didn’t tell me much.

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