Queen of Hearts: My Oona, Queen of Fae cEDH deck

Hi everyone and welcome to another post regarding my personal Commander decks.
This time I’m talking about my deck for competitive EDH tables: Queen of Hearts, my Oona, Queen of Fae deck.

Oona can appear as a quite pricey Commander for a cEDH table, mana-wise speaking, but it actually works as a really powerful mana sink in the Command zone. If we can create infinite black or blue mana we can cast her and exile all of our opponents’ library for the win.

The deck is a reactive deck that focuses it’s game plan on keeping in check the other player while setting up it’s own board to drop one of the winning combos.

You can find the full decklist by clicking here!

Combo 1: Demonic Consultation
The main plan for the deck is to have a fast win with the infamous Demonic Consultation combo.
In response to Thassa’s Oracle‘s ETB we can cast Demonic Consultation to exile our whole deck and win once Thassa’s Oracle’s effect resolves.
The deck is built in a way that Tainted Pact can replace Demonic Consultation.

Combo 2: Infinite Mana
If we have mana rocks that can produce a total of 3 or mana we can use Isochron Scepter imprinted with Dramatic Reversal to create a loop were we end up producing infinite mana.
We are going to tap all our mana rocks to produce mana and then use two to activate the Scepter and untap all our nonland permanents.
We will use this mana to cast Oona and exile our opponents’ library. This is more like a secondary plan as it needs more pieces to work then a Demonic Consultation combo.

Combo 3: Infinite Mana 2
With a Grim Monolith enchanted with Power Artifact we can produce infinite colorless mana. It can give us a win like the Scepter combo but it’s harder as we would have to provide the colored mana for the activation of Oona’s ability in some other way.

Most of the cards dedicated to ramp us are mana rocks as they can enable our Scepter combo, but we also run Dark Ritual and Lotus Petal to enable more explosive turns.
Hullbreacher is here because it can give us mana but in reality is more a hate card to stop our opponents from drawing.

These cards are what let us interact with our opponents’ threats before they hit the field… so tons of counterspells.
Narset’s Reversal can be really useful, especially if Imprinted on a Scepter, to target our own spells: we will still have the effect of the spell but we will also have it back in hand ready to be re-used.
Thoughtseize is a card that I like to run to scout other people hands, to have an idea on how they are going to play the following turns, if it’s safe for me to try and combo-off, or to try understand what are planning to do some wild brews that sometimes appear on cEDH tables.

If threats reach the table and we have to remove them, these are the cards that we are going to use.
The one I see questioned the most when I show my list to others or I play it is Black Sun’s Zenith and why I play it instead of Damnation. I decided to run Black Sun’s Zenith because it’s reusable and with one less mana it can remove all those pesky 1/1 mana dorks from the board.

Card Advantage
Drawing cards is one of the fastest ways to continuously have in our hand answers for our opponents’ plays and to find our combo pieces. Narset and Notion Thief also acts as hate for card advantage from our opponents.
Despite running Ad Nauseam, we only have it as a way to draw a huge amount of cards.  

The other best way to find our combo pieces are obviously tutors and with black as one of our colors we can run some of the best ones.
Muddle the Mixture is a counterspell that can tutor for us any piece of our combos with its Transmute (apart from Demonic Consultation, but it can tutor for its replacement Demonic Pact).
Opposition Agent is a nice hate against our opponents’ tutors that can also get us really ahead if they also run some pieces of our combos… at worst we can take some of their mana rocks to enable a Scepter combo.

As for the Agent, Ashiok is another hate-piece against tutors but it doesn’t pack the utility that Opposition Agent has.
Copy Artifact can do some neat tricks by copying a Scepter and imprinting Narset’s Reversal on it: we can continuously cast a cantrip to draw our deck in search for answers; this can be extremely useful if we have infinite mana but we can use Oona to win (for example due to a Pithing Needle). We can also use Copy Artifact to copy a mana rock and enable our Scepter combo.
Thieving Skydiver is another combo enabler as we are going to use it to steal one of our opponents’ mana rocks to have enough mana for the Scepter.

Nothing special here as the lands are mostly to get the colored mana needed to cast our spells.
Cephalid Coliseum‘s threshold is not too hard to hit as we are going to use lots of cantrips or spells to hinder our opponents’ plays and so we will easily have the cards to transform it into some good card advantage.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and that hopefully it has been able to explain to you how my cEDH deck runs.
See you in the next post!  


  1. Hey Raven! I really enjoy this blog post format 😀 How do you feel about me doing something similar on mine? I’d love to do a dive into some of my EDH decks and would love to credit you with the idea 😛

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