Title: 22/7
Original Title: 22/7
Episodes: 12
Year: 2020
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Directed by: Takao Abo

Miu Takigawa views the world from behind the safety of her bangs, content with peacefully passing unnoticed through life. Reserved and timid, Miu struggles to converse with or even smile at customers when at her part time job, but she works tirelessly to support her mother and precious little sister, Haru. It is a shock when a letter arrives from the entertainment company GIP, announcing that she has been chosen as a candidate for their new project.
Miu decides to accept the invitation and heads to the meeting spot where the eccentric ensemble of other candidates filter in, all summoned by their own letters. Not long after, the girls are escorted by a manager to a luxurious secret facility, where it is explained that they must follow the mysterious directions of “The Wall,” whose orders are absolute.
The 24th of December, 2016, will see the birth of idols like no other; on that day, the group 22/7 will debut, whether or not Miu and the other members are ready to take the stage.
(from MyAnimeList)

This anime gets you into it immediately, starting off right from the beginning with two great mysteries: why those eight girls in particular got chosen and what really is “The Wall”?

Speaking about the idol part to me this seemed like a mix of details from Korean Idol groups and Japanese ones.
By seeing the training they reminded me more of the Korean method of production where they have trainers that constantly help them improve while in Japan the idols are left a bit more on their own.
At the same time they have to face problems that seem more typical of a Japanese group, like the possibility of them having to do gravure photoshoots.

I really liked how every girl of the group as part of her own story was narrated in one of the episodes; we can see the past, how she decided to enter the group and the current problems of each girl of the group.
Every girl seems to have a particular situation dedicated to her and these ones seemed more dark and sad than the ones we typically see in anime about idols. This, in my opinion, helped give more depth to the characters and differentiate them from all the others.

The twist near the end was really unexpected and the finale itself is quite bizarre.
It could seem concluded but in a small final scene we get the hint that there will be a second season.


  1. This sounds like a really interesting anime! Im usually not one for idol anime but this actually sounds a lot more different than the run of the mill cutesy idol anime–looking at you K-on. But I’ve just added another anime to my watch list! Cool!

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