Spirits to Bombs!: my Kykar, Wind’s of Fury EDH deck

Hi everyone and welcome to another post about my personal Commander decks!
This time I’m going to talk about my Kykar, Wind’s Fury deck: Spirits to Bombs!

Lots of people at my LGS, the first time they see I’m running Kykar as my Commander, immediately think I’m running some sort of deck full of infinite combos and so it’s always funny to see their faces when they understand that my main plan is to beat down my opponents with huge creatures! Totally Timmy style but with a little of Johnny because we are not going to pay the cost of these creatures to put them into play. This takes us to the theme of the deck: Polymorph!

Kykar is an amazing general for a Polymorph deck as it gives you a really easy way to produce the small creatures you want to sacrifice to cheat out the huge bombs you keep in the deck. Kykar’s token generation lets us play a deck without any other creature in it, except the ones we want to polymorph into, reducing to zero the possibility to screw a Polymorph spell, cheating a weak creature into play.
The other ability let us sacrifice the Spirits in excess to accelerate our game by producing extra mana.

You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

As every self-respecting Commander deck, we have a solid way to produce mana beside our lands, so to reduce the time to have our pieces online and start playing our games.
All the spells here are non-creature (not too hard to do as the colors we are playing doesn’t have many good mana dorks) so if Kykar is on the field will also produce us some nice Spirit Tokens.

The first of the two main section of the deck where, we store all our Polymorph effects.
The best ones, in my opinion, are the reusable ones like Proteus Staff, Reality Scramble and Lukka. Lukka is extremely good because, always considering Kykar already on the field, it will make us produce a Spirit Token on cast that we could Polymorph right away with Lukka’s -2. The other spells in fact will need to have a Spirit Token already on the field upon casting to have a legal target; they can’t target the token you are going to produce when you cast them.
Mass Polymorph and Synthetic Destiny are our huge finishers that will let us drop a huge army of powerful creatures on the field. Synthetic Destiny is obviously better by being as Instant speed; we can cast it even in response to a board wipe as our creature will arrive on the field only at the next end step, when the spell that would otherwise destroy them would be already resolved.

Now we are at the second main section of the deck: the creatures we are going to polymorph into.
I will start by talking about Stormtide Leviathan; it is a huge creature that I love to Polymorph into as, due to its abilities, can easily swing freely at my opponents but it added to me another building restriction: using only creatures with flying or islandwalks. I’ve tried out playing also the big Eldrazis or Blightsteel Colossus but, apart from the fact that they generated tons of hate as soon as they hit the field and become lighting rods for removals, they ended up sitting on defense all the time if the Leviathan was on the field. Due to this I ended up choosing only creatures that had one of those two abilities.
Angelic Arbiter and Blazing Archon are two other creatures that can mess with our opponent’s combat, while Avacyn, Angel of Hope is a huge piece to protect our board.
Two creatures you will love to have together on the field are Aurelia, the Warleader and Medomai the Ageless. Medomai can’t attack during the extra turns is going to produce, so no infinite turns here, but with Aurelia giving an extra battle phase each turn, it will net us two extra turns after each of our regular ones; extra turns for a total of four more battle phase in which we can attack with the rest of our army.
Gisela is a really strong way to drastically increase our damage output and Utvara Hellkite will constantly increase the size of our army.
Sphinx of the Second Sun is a nice way to have some card advantage while also untapping everything after the battle phase, basically giving vigilance to our creatures and giving us extra mana from the lands that get untapped.
Niv-Mizzet, Parun is a recent addition to the deck; I needed a way to fight against decks that abuse of cards like Constant Mist, stopping me from closing the game with combat. Niv-Mizzet seemed the right answer as it can do damage by pinging the aforementioned player for every card we draw.

Card Advantage
Various cards that let us draw more and most of them are staple for Commander decks:
Two cards that aren’t staples but that works really well in this deck are Dream Cache and See Beyond; both give us some card advantage while also giving us the possibility to put back in the deck one of our big creatures so we can polymorph into it.

As for the Card Advantage section here is, more or less, a list of staple Interactions of Commander, but also we have cards that work specifically well in this deck.
Fire Prophecy is a small removal that also gives us the possibility to put one of our cards to the bottom of the library to draw, while Terminus is a wrath that will put the creatures on the bottom of the library, giving us the possibility to polymorph again into them.

This type of deck can make our own board really scary, so we run Boros Charm and Teferi’s Protection to prevent all our hard polymorphing work from going wasted.

Our creatures can be destroyed, so having cards like Elixir of Immortality that can get them back from our graveyard into the library is nice.
Saheeli acts as a back-up Kykar while also giving us the possibility of some tricks with her -2. Blind Obedience can help us slow down the fastest decks while also giving us an incidental way to ping them and gain some life.
Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Narset of the Ancient Way are two nice planeswalkers whose abilities can come in handy in many ways.

We run a general Jeskai mana base with Mistveil Plains as our only utility land that gives us the possibility to put back in the library our destroyed creatures.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it could be useful to anyone wanting to build a really enjoyable Polymorph deck.

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