Commander Boxing League 1 – Week 1

Hi everyone and welcome to the first week of the first official Commander Boxing League of our group. The one we did to try out the format really excited us and so we decided to start a proper one to play through the various weeks.

For this one we decided to create our pool with a Sol Ring, a booster box of our choice and six booster packs from another set. I decided to start with a Gatecrash box and six packs from Dragon’s Maze.

I wanted to go with all Ravnica themed booster because it’s one of my favorite setting of the Magic universe and I was really hoping to get some nice Legendaries. My pool consisted of only two Legendary Creatures so I didn’t have much choice on my Commander. I had to choose between Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch and Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts.

I went with Teysa as my Commander because it seemed a much more easier one to build around and the one that seemed supported the more by my pool of cards… and also Teysa seemed a really formidable Commander due to the possible low number of efficient removals that I imagined would be available in the first week of the League.

I built the deck trying to focus on the signature mechanic of the Orzhov in the Gatecrash set: Extort. It seemed a nice way to cheep down my opponents while also resisting more to their attacks thanks to the lifegain.
You can click here to see the decklist I came up with.

My brother Gianluca built a Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer deck with some really nice artifact synergies while Giovanni went with Adeliz, the Cinder Wind.
As for the last time, the first that wins two games will win this week of the Commander Boxing League.

I mulligan down to six but I then have a hand with a nice ratio of lands and spells and so I can have a nice start and play various spells on curve without getting stuck.
Adeliz misses his third land drop while Jor starts really strongly building a dangerous board rapidly with a scary Batterskull and his Commander of the battlefield.
Adeliz plays Tibalt, Rakish Instigator that stops the lifegain but Jor decides to destroy it immediately. Out of spite Adeliz destroys Jor’s Commander.
Jor is recasted immediately and heavily attacks both me and Adeliz. I go defensive and I can buy enough time to cast Teysa. Jor eliminates Adeliz’s player and I get 1-on-1 against him. Teysa gives me enough protection to turn the game in my favor and win this first one.

This game we start all much slower with Jor going less aggressively this game and going more on a stax gameplan. Both my opponents focus on me as I’m the winner of the first game and so I have to focus on the defense while looking for my second Plains to cast some of my spells.
Unfortunately the land doesn’t seem to arrive and I’m then quickly eliminated by the two other players.
Adeliz and Jor start a slow battle attacking each other with Jor that is forced on the defensive due to the constant attack in the air by Adeliz. Unfortunately he can’t stop Adeliz’s flying creature and ends up losing.
The second game is won by Adeliz.

I start a bit slower but I feel that I can do it as my hand is pretty strong. Adeliz is quickly on the field and starts immediately attacking me while I’m building my board.
I play Undercity Plague and I cipher it on my Rakdos Drake starting to disrupt my opponents board and hands, focusing mostly on Adeliz’s player because he is the other one that has already won a game. Adeliz tries to keep a counter in hand to prevent my Commander from hitting the field but before casting it I attack with the Drake and make him discard the counter. I play Teysa and from there I start eliminating both my opponents with her, starting by finishing Adeliz off.
I’m again 1-on-1 against Jor but Teysa gives me too much advantage and I end up winning the game.

By winning two games I take home the first week of the league! For the next week we will open six other booster packs from another set and add them to our pool.

By winning the week I got 3 points in the ranking while Giovanni got 1 point by winning a game.
This is the ranking after the first week:
Raven: 3 points
Giovanni: 1 points
Gianluca: 0 points.

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