Commander Boxing League 1 – Week 2

Hi everyone and welcome to the second week of the first official Commander Boxing League of our group. 
After the end of the previous week (click her to read how it went), each of us have chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

As for my booster packs I decided to with Ravnica Allegiance as my set. In my packs I didn’t find any legendaries that could take the place of Teysa and my Rakdos cards are still sub-optimal to justify a switch to Exava.
I then kept Teysa as my Commander despite, due to how hard was to deal with her and how I won the previous week, I was fearing that I would find tons of hate for her.

From the new cards that I got in the packs I think I was the happiest with Orzhov Locket (mana rocks seem really fundamental with a Commander with an high cmc in these colors) and Vindictive Vampire (another nice option to chip my opponents’ lives without having to directly attack them).
You can click here to see how my decklist changed.

My friend Giovanni kept Adeliz as his Commander while my brother Gianluca totally surprised us by switching the deck completely, choosing a new Commander he found in his six packs: Xenagos, God of Revels.
We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.

I mulligan down to six but I have then a Sol Ring in my opening hands and this makes me grin because I’m ready for a powerful start. The thing is… that all three players had Sol Ring in their hands, so all of us started with a “Land, Sol Ring, Pass”. I cast a Crypt Ghast and turn 2 that let me cast my Commander at turn 3 putting me in a really good position until Adeliz used Role Reversal to steal it from me. This put me immediately on the defensive I had to recur to the Extort ability of my cards to chip down my opponents’ lives. Xenagos removes Teysa and heavily attacks Adeliz putting her really low on life. I took the occasion to eliminate Xenagos’s player from the game and then I concentrate on Adeliz’s one finish him and getting my first win.

I keep a hand that doesn’t give me many plays on the first turns but with a lot of mana and so I hope I will be able to cast my Commander soon.
With me winning the first game both my opponents took advantage of my open board to focus on me, swinging him for some free damage. This goes on until I start playing my first creatures and Xenagos enters the field with its player deciding to do a big attack against Adeliz. Adeliz tries to counterattack but Xenagos is really hyper-aggressive this game and swings heavily at both of us. I’m able to play Teysa only when I’m already at 9 life and Xenagos is more than happy to swing at me with all his creatures to take me out. Short after it will also eliminate Adeliz from the game with Gianluca taking this second game and his first win.

I mulligan to six and I keep an hand with only two lands but full of cards that would protect me from Xenagos’s attacks in the first turn.
Adeliz starts at a normal speed like me when Xenagos is instead setting his board really quickly. I don’t seem to find any answer to Xenagos and Adeliz can’t do much apart from slowing him down. Xenagos plays a Batterskull giving it haste and doubling immediately its power with his Commander but luckily I’m able to remove the Germ, slowing him down because he has to re-equip it the following turn. Both me and Adeliz are still on the defensive with only Adeliz’s players making himself a threat by slowly adding up Commander Damage on the Xenagos’s player thanks to the fact that he is unable to block the flying wizard.
These plays in my favor because Xenagos decided to eliminate Adeliz from the game first giving me the possibility to play my Commander. Teysa enters the field and immediately gives me a powerful defense while also giving me the possibility to attack. My life isn’t low enough for Xenagos to take me out with a single swing and so he stays on the defensive, looking for something to remove my Commander. He doesn’t find it and I slowly win the game by doing enough Commander Damage with Teysa.

By winning two games I also win the second week of the Commander Boxing League. We are going to open six other booster packs to add to our pool for the next week.

By winning the week I got 3 points in the ranking while Gianluca got 1 point by winning a game.
This is the ranking after the second week:
Raven: 6 points.
Gianluca: 1 point.
Giovanni: 1 point.


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