Gymnastics Samurai

Title: Gymnastics Samurai
Original Title: 体操ザムライ
Episodes: 11
Year: 2020
Studio: Mappa
Directed by: Hisatoshi Shimizu

At the pinnacle of his gymnastics career, Joutarou Aragaki—nicknamed Samurai for his signature hairstyle—suffers a shoulder injury following his wife’s death. Five years later, he continues to push the limits of his body as a member of the Japanese gymnastics team. However, Joutarou’s strenuous training fails to show any progress. His coach, Noriyuki Amakusa, advises that he retires.
Together with his exuberant and supportive nine-year-old daughter, Rei, Joutarou takes a trip to Ego Wonderland to break the bitter news to her. However, their excursion ends in an odd encounter with a peculiar self-proclaimed ninja named Leonardo. He follows them home and interrupts Joutarou’s every attempt at telling his daughter.
Upon learning that Leonardo hopes to witness his gymnastics again, Joutarou astounds Japan with his announcement that he is not retiring. With fervent support from his family, friends, and Leonardo, Joutarou dedicates himself to the biggest challenge of his career and prove that the gymnastics world is right where he belongs.
(from MyAnimeList)

If after reading the synopsis you are thinking that this will be a serious anime about gymnastics, I have to tell you to get ready, because there are really a ton of crazy and chaotic parts in it! Tons of zany scene made possible by a ninja or a Big Bird will totally get a laugh.

The part about the sport however isn’t ridiculed at all. It didn’t tell me much though. The sport part totally didn’t give me the same level of emotions that usually sports anime give me, thrilling me or exciting me.

It’s a cute and crazy story, that wasn’t what I was expecting when I started watching it but it isn’t bad!

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