Commander Boxing League 1 – Week 6

Hi everyone and welcome to the sixth week of the first official Commander Boxing League of our group. 
After the end of the previous week (click her to read how it went), each of us have chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

Seeing how in the previous week I was able to win thanks to the continuous lifegain and the grind I mind with the extort ability I decided to look for a set that could possibly give me even more lifegain cards. I ended up choosing M19 as my set for the week. When I started playing Arena, M19 was the set that made it possible to create a really nice mono-white lifegain deck, thanks to cards like Ajani’s Welcome and Ajani’s Pridemate.
Unfortunately I didn’t get either of them but still my deck shifted to be more even more focused on gaining life. The Commander is still Teysa.

The only card that I was at least a bit excited to find was Rise from The Grave that could give me the possibility to reanimate Ulamog for a much cheaper cost if it happens to be milled again.

You can find my updated decklist by clicking here.

Again this week nobody changed his Commander, so it was Teysa vs Feather vs Sen Triplets

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  

I keep a nice hand with tons of lands but also some cards that will provide me with a meaningful start.
I’m finally able to play Gideon after six week that it is in the deck but Feather already has an aggressive board state that is ready to menace my Planeswalker.
I focus my attack on Sen Triplets because is the one with the higher point in the ranking while Feather, as imagined, focuses my Gideon. Gideon luckily can get back loyalty really quickly and so even if it gets constantly targeted I liked how it acted as a smokescreen and I managed to keep my life total high.
Sen Triplets casts a Whelming Wave putting everything back into our hands but I’m not too displeased with it as now I’m able to recast my cards and abuse again of the Extort ability.
I’m able to slowly rebuild my board but despite my life total that is still high, Feather’s Commander Damage accumulates really fast and without me being to cast a flyer or a removal, I’m knocked out by Feather really easily.
Faether then is ready to take on Sen Triplets but an overloaded Cyclonic Rift. With Shrine of the Loyal Legions, Sen Triplets is able to create an army really quickly and with it takes out Feather by attacking with the Myr and keeping his opponent in check with some control spells.  

Feather starts with a Sol Ring but he is stuck with a single land. I try to slow him even more by destroying the Boros Keyrune he has played but luckily I don’t feel too evil as he finds the Plains the turn right after.
Sen Triplets is setting up his board; it’s not too dangerous at the moment but with Feather this behind I don’t feel safe… only dumber to have slowed him even more.
I’m able to play Teysa but Feather removes it, letting then Sen Triplets enter the battlefield unscathed. I play Blind Obedience, trying to slow my opponents even more and use Extort on them. I also play Ogre Slumlord to try to get some advantage but Sen Triplets drops another overloaded Cyclonic Rift that bounce everything back to our hand. Then he decides me with his Commander and starts playing my own cards with Extort.
This brings me really behind and with both Feather and me slowed down, Sen Triplets is easily able to go full control and take the game by slowly grinding us.  

Gianluca easily ended both the game with a full control approach and won the week without leaving even a single game to us.

By winning the week Gianluca got 3 points in the ranking while Giovanni and I got 0 points by not winning even a single game.
This is the ranking after the sixth week:
Raven: 13 points.
Gianluca: 8 point.
Giovanni: 3 point.

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