An Alter inspired by my Yasharn deck

Hi everyone!
A small post today only to show you an alter that got created by TutongMalone after reading my article about my Yasharn deck.

I’m going to use it as my picture for the article! Hakuna Matata!


    • I honestly don’t know. I really appreciate the work but I don’t know if I will go the full length of printing it… and I also I don’t know where I could find a place that could print it to me in a quality similar to Magic cards

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      • I haven’t, but have you looked into just printing it out and then rebacking on something like a basic land card? It’s amazing what people can do. But for me, it seems like way more work than I’d be interested in 🙂

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        • The back wouldn’t be a problem as I’m using protective sleeves with a colored back… is more like the whole printing thing to have it in high quality… but I haven’t looked into it at all as I usually have my cards altered directly by some alterist with acrilic colors

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