Commander Boxing League 1 – Week 7

Hi everyone and welcome to the seventh week of the first official Commander Boxing League of our group. 

After the end of the previous week (click her to read how it went), each of us have chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

With how the previous week went and minding the ranking of the league I went for a move that will ensure me more material to have control not only of the games, but the week in general. With the further increase of the pool of cards each of us had I started understanding that I had more possibility of winning the league by deciding who will win the weeks instead of trying to win them myself. A pretty despiteful plan but after the fifth week the decks started to fill stale in my opinion and so I took this choice to have more fun myself playing different decks while also keeping a strategic method of playing the weeks.

For all of this I decided to choose Legends as the set from where to get the booster packs trying to get as many different Legendary creatures as possible so to be more adaptive to help the one I wanted to get the win for the week… and also if I happened to find The Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale for my pool I wouldn’t complain at all. Unfortunately no Tabernacle but I was able to find an ample selection of Legendary creatures that could suit different playstyles.

For this week I decided to focus more against my brother Gianluca as it was the one higher in ranking. I choose to play Halfdane as my commander as it will give me the same Orzhov shell I had with Teysa plus the blue color to have more control on my brother playing with his Sen Triplets deck. I also knew that this was a risk and I totally had to prevent Sen Triplets to be on the field as, by sharing all its color with my deck it would be able to take full advantage of my cards.

My Halfdane deck is basically my old Teysa one but with the addition of blue to make it more control and have more possibility to counter my brother’s plays.

You can find the decklist by clicking here.

Giovanni kept his Feather deck and my brother Gianluca didn’t decide to pull any trick after last week’s outstanding victory and kept Sen Triplets as Commander.

We started playing, them trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home while for me this was the start of my dark path of ensuring me the win of the league by becoming the secret ally of one of them.

I mulligan down to six and I kept then a hand with a good mix of lands and control spells that will help me set the pace of the game.
Feather however is completely able on its own to build a really threatening board and without me getting in his way and actually countering a Sen Triplets’ spell that would reset the board he quickly brings both me and my brother at really low life.
I deal the final blow to Sen Triplets and then I’m facing Feather alone. If I would let the board wipe from before resolve I could have had some possibility here (but also Sen Triplets could have made a comeback) but against the heavily set board of Feather I can’t do anything and I get quickly eliminated.
Giovanni wins the first game of the week in a really short time.  

Feather again is able to start really aggressively but my hand is really full of ramp and I have 8 mana available on turn 4. Feather is really aggressive again against the both of us but I’m able to resist and at the same time grind down the other two thanks to the multiple Extort ability of my creatures. This is enough to put Sen Triplets at a really low life with I’m on the same level of Feather. With a combination of attacks and Extort we get to knock out Sen Triplets and then I’m back 1vs1 with Feather.
This time my board is really well set and so I have the possibility to grind out the game in my favor by chipping my opponent while also recovering from his attacks thanks to Extort. Unfortunately Feather is able to find some pumping spells and fully abuse the ability of his Commander.
I have to commit and sacrifice a lot of my board to resist the attack and hope to find an answer while keeping me safe with the rest of the board I preserved… but this is not enough and with the next attack I lose the rest of my board to defend me and the following attack knocks me out.
Giovanni wins also the second game and the week.  

By winning the week Giovanni got 3 points in the ranking while Gianluca and I got 0 points by not winning even a single game.
This is the ranking after the fourth week:
Raven: 13 points.
Gianluca: 8 point.
Giovanni: 6 point.

After this week I was preparing to still support Giovanni for the next game but both of the players got a hint of what my plan was. The reasoning about the fact that I could easily win the League by simply supporting the player with the lowest point in the ranking… so we decided to call it a day and close this league now.
Surprise surprise! I won the first league! But be ready that the second one will arrive soon!


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