My “Strixhaven” Prerelease (at home)

It’s prerelease weekend for the new MtG set Strixhaven and I’m totally enjoying the vibes with the various colleges facing each other like Hogwarts’s houses.
LGSs here in Italy are still not able to hold events of any sort and so I decided to do one of my prereleases at home that characterized most of previous year’s set’s releases for me. Differently from Kaldheim, it is now prohibited to even have friends at home in some cases, so we couldn’t invite Giovanni to join me and my brother this time; So only me and my brother sat at our living room’s table, opened our packs and built our decks.

I went for the Lorehold’s prerelease pack because the College of Archaeomancy seemed the one the fitted me the most. At the beginning of Spoiler season I was aiming to join Silverquill but, after understanding the lore behind the various schools better and seeing the mechanics of each of them, I then decided to enroll into Lorehold! I’m totally going to be a Warlore major.

My prerelease pack was also really nice, giving me a nice pull to build a cool aggressive Lorehold deck with some graveyard shenanigans!

You can see my list by clicking here.

My brother instead decided to enroll into Witherbloom college, deciding to add some blue spice to the color combination of his school and playing Sultai.
After building the deck we started a best-of-3 game to see who will win this family prerelease.  

I keep an hand with only two mountains but I’m able to find immediately a Plain and starting paying with no mana problems. Both of us started to build their own board, with my brother using Overgrown Arch with Honor Troll to constantly gain life while I was trying to mitigate the thing with my Flamescroll Celebrant.
I cast Fuming Effigy followed by Hofri Ghostforge. The turn right after I played Returned Pastcaller and this made me able to hit my brother for 15 damages in a single turn.
In his turn my brother isn’t able to find an answer and so I ended up winning the first game with another massive attack.

I’m keeping a hand with much more balanced lands then the previous one but I don’t have a really fast start while my brother does, especially helped by Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy that gives him a nice ramping and later in the game will help him draw more cards.
I’m able to find a Blade Historian that with the Returned Pastcaller could help me turn the tables, letting me doing ten damages per turn but my brother has a stable income of life thanks to Witherbloom Apprentice and Witherbloom Pledgemage. He removes my creatures with Putrefy and Devouring Tendrils and then attacks me with a 10/10 Blood Researcher.
I’m not able to find an answer to the researcher and he is at 34 life and so it’s only a matter of turn before he kills me.
With one game each we moved to the third and final game.  

I keep a hand really similar to the one I got on game 1 but this time I got both colors into my lands. I start really fast with a Thunderous Orator followed by a Lorehold Pledgemage. After a first attack from me, my brothers have to immediately remove the Pledgemadge because his First Strike was giving me too much offensive pressure, especially when also “inherited” by the Orator. Like the first game I add even more pressure by playing Fuming Effigy followed by Hofri. I also get back the Pledgemadge with Pillardrop Rescue and without my brother finding a removal for Hofri, I’m able to get the upper hand thanks to the bonus given by the Drarf that constantly brings my creature back while also doing collateral damage with the Effigy. I only need a few more turns to bring my brother life to 0 and win my second game.  

Building and playing the decks for the Strixhaven prerelease was extremely fun both for me and for my brother and so we were really sad that we couldn’t do neither prerelease events nor drafts with other people at our LGS. I think that Strixhaven with the Mythical Archives would have been a really fun set to do Limited events.

Thank you for reading my post and I also have another thing for you: I have a really little giveaway going on on my Instagram and so I leave you the post here if you want to join it.

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