Commander Boxing League 2 – Week 1

Hi everyone and welcome to the first week of the new Commander Boxing League of our group! The second one!

For this second league we decided to make a few changes to the rules, after seeing the results of the first one.
We will always draft in the same way (starting from a Box + 6 booster packs of another set + Sol Ring and then add 6 booster packs every week) but we decided that the League will be only five weeks long and we will have a different method to assign points: 2 to the winner of the week and 1 to those that did not win the week but won a game.

With the new rules established it was time to decide our starting boxes and packs. I decided to go with M20 as my box as I thought that it could give me some really nice Legendary to build around; Golos, Rienne, Kaalia… they are findable in M20.
With so many different archetypes I could possibly build I decided to take my six booster packs from War of the Sparks, that would provide me with at least 6 planeswalkers that could support a variety of different decks.

The first legendary in my box that got my eye was Yarok that could easily open me up a way to build a deck full of Enter the Battlefield effects that can easily by found in any Magic set, but then I saw that I also had Omnath, Locus of the Roil and a nice plethora of powerful elementals… and so I went for the tribal road!

Together with all the elements I was also able to find cards like Shared Summons, Spark Double and various Planeswalkers that gave the possibility to build a really nice deck.

You can find the decklist by clicking here.

My brother built a deck with Kardur, Doomscourge as Commander while Giovanni one based on Keranos, God of Storms.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  

I started really fast with an Arboreal Grazer on turn 1 that let me cast my Commander on turn 3. Keranos instead is in the opposite position where he can’t find lands while Kardur has a regular start.
With Keranos stuck on two lands, me and Kardur start focusing on each other but he is able to apply a better offensive pressure bringing me quickly at 20 life. I have to cast a Flood of Tears to try to slow him down but it’s a really poor one that isn’t even able to let me put a permanent back on the field. We have to rebuild our board but Kardur is really quick at re-building his while also removing a few pieces of mine. Another powerful attack brings me to 8 life while the other two are well above 30. The only thing I can do is a really powerful attack as my swan-song trying to damage Kardur and give space to Keranos to get back in the game. I got eliminated right after.
Keranos is able with a series of combat tricks to remove various Kardur’s creatures and, after me and Kardur using our resources on each other, he is able to get back in the game by casting his commander.
Keranos starts making advantage when enters the battlefield by removing other pieces of his opponents and chipping down his life; but Kardur is always on the offensive, casting Egon, God of Death, equipping it with a Dwarven Hammer, hitting Keranos for nine.
However Keranos is able to turn the tide by bestowing a Hypnotic Siren onto Egon, taking control of it. Kardur isn’t able to find creatures that will survive the three damage from Keranos’s ability and so he is taken down by his own Egon.
Giovanni wins the first game.  

I mulligan down to six and I keep an hand that is debatable but that would let me play somehow. Kardur starts again really quickly and aggressively but this time all his attention is on Keranos and leaves me free to build my board. I play Omnath that is followed right after by Kardur that forces me to attack Keranos… but it’s not too bad as he is also my target and I don’t want him to win another game and take the week home.
I cast Vivien, Arkbow Ranger and start using her +1 plus Omnath’s basically landfall ability to pump my Elementals and attack with them, splitting my damage between my two opponents. Keranos is already low on life and Kardur gets destroyed and recasted. This again forces me to attack Keranos with all my creatures but this is enough to remove him from the game.
I’m on 1vs1 against Kardur but his aggressive boards can do little against my big elementals, pumped up every turn by Nissa. It takes me only a few more turns to bring his life down to 0 without him being able to do much. 

I keep a good hand but without lands that could provide me with red mana… but the hand seems too good and I don’t want to throw it away so I play with the hope of finding it.
All three start really slowly this game. I play a Jace’s Triumph drawing for the red mana but I’m not able to find it but luckily the turn right after I draw a Mountain that lets me play Omnath. I’m extremely lucky as I arrive on turn 5 with both my opponents still setting their boards and both tapped out.. the perfect timing to play a Shared Summons and tutor for Risen Reef and Spark Double. Playing those two cards is what basically gives me the game: the Risen Reef starts getting me a lot of card advantage and also letting me play multiple lands for turn and the Spark Double enters as a copy of Omnath. I’m really quickly drawing a ton of cards, filling my hand with counterspells to stop my opponents and Elementals to fill the field, and dropping lands that trigger my Omnaths. The only thing my opponents are able to do is kill the real Omnath but I’m happy about it as it gives me the possibility to recast it getting another Risen Reef trigger… all the rest I’m able to block it with my counters.
The deck quickly becomes a Value Machine and with my Elementals getting bigger and bigger it tooks me really few turns to eliminate both the other players.   

In the last game I have to say that I was totally really lucky to find the right timing to play all my spells, but I totally didn’t expect that the deck could be so explosive and net me this really huge amount of value! I guess I have to be ready to become again the Archenemy of the League if things continue to be like that.

By winning the week, I got 2 points in the ranking while Giovanni got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the first week:
Raven: 2 points.
Giovanni: 1 point.
Gianluca: 0 points.

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