Commander Boxing League 2 – Week 3

Hi everyone and welcome to the third week of the second Commander Boxing League of our group!
After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us have chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

Last week I wasn’t very lucky with my pulls and so I decided to get again my booster from the Lorwyn set, hoping to find some of the cards I was looking for. 

Unfortunately I didn’t find much more of what I got last time and so the list I’m playing is more or less the same of the previous week.
Still I managed to do some changes and so you can find the updated decklist by clicking here.

This week nobody decided to change his Commander and so my brother Gianluca stayed with Koma, Cosmos Serpent while Giovanni played Eutropia, the Twice-Favored.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  

I mulligan down to five and then I decide to keep even if I know I will have a slow start, but I was fearing to go down even more.
I’m able to topdeck a Paradise Druid that fixes my mana and so I can cast Omnath on turn 4, followed by a Mulldrifter the turn right after. Eutropia is building a really aggressive board while Koma is ramping to get his Commander out as soon as possible.
I try to cast Evolution Sage to start proliferating the counter put by Omnath, but Koma is ready with a counter. Koma is still setting up his board with a Reflection of Littjara and so I decide to heavily attack him and I bring him down to half his life.
Koma however is able to withstand the hit and continues to draw cards thanks to Toski.
We start fighting each other and I’m able to bring Koma down to 8 life, in range to be eliminated by my pumped Mulldrifter and a Shock I was keeping hidden in my hand. Koma to be safe removes the Mulldrifter and with my following attack I’m only able to bring it down at 5 life, hoping the Eutropia will finish it. Eutropia decided instead to use one of his removal on one of my creatures and I have to use the Shock to protect my creatures making him lose the target of his fight spell. Eutropia decided to not attack this turn.
Both me and Eutropia are with empty hands, going on only with the one we are drawing each turn, while Koma has tons of cards thanks to Toski and quickly fills his board.
I start filling my board with Elementals, hoping to find a way to kill my Omnath and recast it to do direct damage to Koma. Koma attacks with all his board Eutropia, removing him from the game and then, after my upkeep, uses all his coils to tap all my creatures. During his next turn, Koma knocks me out.
Gianluca wins the first game.

I keep a 7-cards hand that gives me good early games in which I hope to be able to overcome Koma.
Eutropia has also a nice aggressive start and Koma is ramping as crazy. I try to cast Omnath but Koma counters it and then plays his own Commander the turn right after.
I cast Lightning Stormkin, using its evasiveness to hit Koma. Eutropia keeps splitting his damage output between me and Koma and so it starts getting really hard to get Gianluca down, especially if I have to defend against two players at the same time.
I try to cast Chandra, Acolyte of Flame to dish in some extra cheap damage with the Elemental tokens but she also countered by Koma.
Koma casts King Harald’s Revenge on his Commander and then uses all the coils to completely tap me out. Koma hits me for 27 and gets me immediately out of the game.
Eutropia is left alone against Koma and, not having a way to win alone against him, decides to concede.
Gianluca wins his second game.  

Koma again crushed us in its coils, getting two quick wins and getting all the points of the week without leaving any to the others.

By winning the week, Gianluca got 2 points in the ranking while Giovanni and me got 0 for not winning even a single game

This is the ranking after the third week:
Gianluca: 4 points.
Raven: 3 points.
Giovanni: 1 point.

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