Commander Exercise 32 – When the Herder raises Wolves

Welcome back to Commander Exercise, the series where I build EDH decks for fun and to improve my deck building skills.

Really a lot of different people asked me to try building a Wolf Tribal Commander deck. Wolf is a tribal that I always liked a lot and also wondered to build a deck on it so I was totally up to the challenge.
The first thing to do was to look out for the right Commander for this deck; Wolves are mostly in Gruul colors but there isn’t a single legendary creature that can directly support Wolves in those colors, the only exception being Morophon but I purposely avoided it as I didn’t want to have the “all-tribe lord” as the leader of the deck.

However between the Legendary Wolves we have the partner from Commander Legends, Anara; with it as a Commander we could pair it with another Partner to give us the colors we need and maybe more punch to the deck. The perfect answer to this arrived in the form of Bruse Tarl.

Anara is our big Wolf Commander that can get advantage of all the synergies of the tribe that are in the deck. It’s ability to give indestructible to our Commander is what makes Bruse Tarl the perfect Companion for her. Bruse is nice for the addition of the Boros color to the deck but also can give us the possibility to dish out some great damages and keeping us in game thanks to the his ability of giving Double Strike and Lifelink to one of our creatures; he is generally good for our Aggro plan while also enabling a Voltron one if we use his ability on Anara.

The rest of the deck are basically Wolves, synergies with the tribe and staples and it comes with a price tag that is around 200$. You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

The ramp cards are all some classic mana rocks in the Naya colors but we also run twos that fit with the Wolf theme.
Wolfwillow Haven is a card that Arena player will know for sure as it’s a card that is present in lot of the started decks of the actual rotation; it’s a cheap way to make one of our lands produce more mana with also the possibility to sacrifice it for a Wolf token in the late game.
Selesnya Keyrune is a mana rock in which we can sink some extra mana to transform it into a Wolf until the end of the turn.

The main body of our deck where we have all our general Wolf creatures. Nothing that I want to pinpoint here apart from Wolfir Silverheart that is a great Voltron plan enabler with the great buff it can give.

Wolf Lord & Anthems
A Tribal deck wouldn’t be a good one without the Lords ready to buff all our creatures; Wolves again doesn’t have many so we have to recur to general anthems like Adaptive Automaton.
Commander’s Insignia is a card that can become really strong in EDH, especially with partner Commanders as it will count the sum between the number of times you casted each of your Commanders, giving your creatures a greater bonus. Door of Destinies is another card that can give a really huge boost to your Wolves if you are able to put a lot of charge counters on it.
Speaking about the Lords, the only one that I think deserves some more words is Nightpack Ambusher: it’s ability to create tokens is nice but I recommend you to not waste turn not casting spells on purpose to get them as most of the time is not worth it.  

Wolves’ Friends
These cards all support the Wolf tribe but without being wolves themselves or anthem. Both the Arlinn have the ability to generate Wolf Tokens while also having other abilities to pump them up. Kessig Cagebreakers is another card that will create tokens, this time based on the number of creatures we have in the graveyard.
Master of the Wild Hunt will create us a Wolf token each of our upkeep and with can tap it to use it as a spot removal; however pay attention to the fact that we have to tap all our untapped Wolves when we use the ability and so we could end up open to some attacks from our opponents. 

Card Advantage
Many Wolves have some way to generate card advantage or at least substitute themselves in the hand. Rot Wolf could let us draw multiple times but it is also really strong due to its infect ability, giving us the possibility to kill a player with a little buff and Bruse’s ability.
Herald’s Horn and Icon of Ancestry are two artifacts that will give us some type of card advantage while also reducing the cost or empowering our Wolves.
We run a lot of utility lands that help our Wolves in combat, so we have Crop Rotation and Sylvan Scrying to help us find the right one we need.

Various staple removals plus some exclusively dedicated to Wolves. Moonlight Hunt is a nice removal at instant speed that will make all our Wolves deal damage to a single other creature while Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves is two bodies for one card that will also give us life gain and the possibility of a removal each time a wolf enters the battlefield.

As an aggro deck that really cares about creatures we need to have ways to protect them from spot removals and boardwipes.
Akroma’s Will is a nice spell that we can use as protection in a pinch or as a powerful spell to do a massive attack without the risk of losing any of our resources.

Raises by Wolves is a powerful card to support our plan by giving a huge buff to one of our creatures while also dropping two more wolves in the field. Anara equipped with this will really hit hard, especially if buffed by Bruse.

General Naya mana base but we also run many different utility lands to help out our wolves during combat.
Gavony Township is a powerful card that will give a permanent buff on each of our creatures. Rogue’s Passage will be game ending for many players that will be private of the possibility to block Anara or Rot Wolf.
Kessig Wolf Run, Skargg and Slayers’ Stronghold will give some extra keywords to one of our creatures while also giving them a little more power; not buff in Power or Toughness will come from Sunhome but giving Double Strike sure is nice.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know how you would have built it differently, what you will have added and what not…
Also don’t forget to tell me what I should try to build next.

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