Commander Boxing League 2 – Week 4

Hi everyone and welcome to the fourth week of the second Commander Boxing League of our group!
After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us have chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

After how it ended in the last two previous weeks it was clear the Omnath wasn’t the right Commander for how this League developed. The Color identity isn’t the right one to deal with Koma, especially in a kinda-draft environment. White would be the best color to have with it’s removals that exile but I didn’t have either a good Commander or some of those removals in my pool. Black was my best option as it could let me remove Koma if no one of its coils were around and luckily I have Yarok in my pool that can give me black with also two of my best colors.
I decided to go with Zendikar Rising for my six boosters of the week to get more cards that would have abilities that trigger when something enters the battlefield, Landfall as the prime example.

I got some kind of useful cards with the ability I was looking for, the best one surely being Lotus Cobra, but I also found some useful MDFC that could really help with the utility of being both lands and spells. You can click here to see the updated list.

As for the previous week, my opponents decided to not change their Commander and so my brother Gianluca stayed with Koma, Cosmos Serpent while Giovanni played Eutropia, the Twice-Favored.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  

I keep a hand with seven lands that would give me not a super fast start but still a nice early game. Eutropia starts really aggressively, while I’m only preparing to cast Yarok, also slowed down because Koma decides to bounce one of my mana dorks back to my hand.
Eutropia tries to do a really explosive turn but Koma is once again ready to counter the play and slow him down. I took the occasion to drop Yarok safely and started to generate value. Luckily this game Koma isn’t able to ramp much and so isn’t able to cast his Commander, making this game a lot easier. I fill my board by copying Yarok with Spark Double and then casting Guardian of Cloverdell; this really gives me a massive board to attack Koma for 20 damage. He survived by the skin of his teeth with a combat trick. Koma enters the battlefield but I’m ready with an instant speed removal to get rid of it and then I attack to knock him out of the game.
I’m alone against Eutropia that decides to stay on the defensive while I swarm him with my board of tokens. He’s hoping topdeck some kind of answer but he doesn’t find anything and I win this first game.  

I keep an hand with only two lands but I also have Lotus Cobra and Dreadhorde Invasion that could really help me at the beginning of the game. However Koma this game starts really well by ramping a lot. Thanks to the Lotus Cobra I’m able to play Dread really early but Koma is quick at bouncing it back to my hand. By winning the first game I become the target of both the other two players. Koma enters and I try to remove it but he is ready and sacrifices a Coil to make it indestructible.
Eutropia is able to do an explosive attack but he decided to split the damage between me and Koma, hurting only me because Koma is ready with a blocker. Right after I also get attacked by Koma and this leaves me at a really low life. I recast Dread, hoping it will give me some breath but this time it is Eutropia that quickly bounces it back again to my hand. Both my opponents attack me again and knock me out of the game.
Eutropia has some really strong creatures but the problem is that they aren’t many and so Koma is completely able to deal with them by using the Coils. Koma does a massive attack and, even if Eutropia is able to bounce his opponent’s Commander back to hand, he deals really tons of damage thanks to the mana he is able to sink in Ursapine. Eutropia stays on the defensive but Koma, with the ability to decide which creatures are going to make the most damage thanks to Ursapine, is able to close the game.  

I keep a really good hand that ensures me a really nice start and I’m also able to find Sol Ring that really accelerates my game and makes me cast Yarok on turn 3.
Everyone builds his own board with Eutropia drawing first blood by attacking me. I have to use a counterspell on a mana rock to prevent Koma from ramping too much and Eutropia stills keeps attacking me dealing Commander damage that could easily knock me out even with Yarok’s lifegain.
I cast a Shriekmaw removing two of my opponents’ creatures and I go all in on Koma dealing 14 damages to him. Eutropia tries to slow me down by using One with the Start on Yarok but luckily it leaves its abilities and so I’m still able to abuse the various triggered abilities of my permanents. Koma leaves all his mana open and passes the turn so I decided to cast Aethersnipe, removing his two blockers and attacking him again. He is able to save himself thanks to Commence the Endgame that gives him a huge blocker. Eutropia in his turn decides to not attack to avoid being exposed to attack and also Koma does the same. I use my turn to attack Koma again with my whole army of creatures to eliminate him from the game. I’m left alone against Eutropia and we start a slow attrition battle where I was attacking him with my Shriekmaw that he couldn’t block and he was hitting me with one of his unblockable creatures. I’m able to break the stalemate by topdecking a Taunting Arbormage making him focus all his blocker on one of my creatures while I the rest hit him for the win, giving me my second game and the win for the week.

Thanks to Yarok I was able to win the week and get at the same points with my brother Gianluca. The next week will be the last and decisive one for the league.

By winning the week, I got 2 points in the ranking while Gianluca got 1 for winning a game.
This is the ranking after the fourth week:
Gianluca: 5 points.
Raven: 5 points.
Giovanni: 1 point.

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