Destroy All of Humanity. It Can’t Be Regenerated. – Chp. 28

Title: Destroy All of Humanity. It Can’t Be Regenerated.
Original Title: すべての人類を破壊する。それらは再生できない。
Author: Ise Katsura
Artist: Yokota Takuma

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 28th chapter of this manga. By being a review of a single chapter it can contain various SPOILERS. Read at your discretion.

Finally! After almost two months the translation of a new chapter has finally become available! I’m so excited to see how it will continue!

The illustration of Hajime being attacked by the Palinchron is awesome and I like the thought he have right after on how he messed up by deciding to not leave mana open for the removal; it’s a think that happens to a lot of us Magic players to realize why we lost right after the finish blow and I think that that part perfectly reincarnate that spirit.

I’m totally ignorant about Football, but is the cover of this chapter some kind of reference to the 1998 world cup? With our two girls dressed as football players and the names of French Football players in the back?

We are immediately at game 3 with Hajime entering The Zone to try and beat a Control Player! I like how he decided to take the momentum of Energy Field being on the field, putting his opponent in the position to have the tough decision of countering a spell or preserving the defense.

I also loved when, after Lou noticed that Hajime has only a single Swamp available I thought “Eheheh! You will see the mighty power of Dark Ritual”… and the balloon right after she says “In all likelihood, he’s hiding a Dark Ritual in hand”… I got outsmarted again by a blue player… only this time she is a comic book character!

But Hajime is way smarter than me and outsmart her outsmarting him!

Using Duress as a decoy is really an amazing move and then the Contamination… Daaaamn! I love that card!

This game was really amazing and I also loved the illustration we got when Lou got beat by Hajime. Also the message we got right after in why Lou wanted to beat Hajime even moved me a bit.

We also get to know who is the childhood friend of Lou… but also we saw that Emi’s mother found one of the Magic cards; this foretells only troubles! And the ending of the chapter is even more surprising! 

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