Commander Boxing League 2 – Final Week

Hi everyone and welcome to the fifth and final week of the second Commander Boxing League of our group!
After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us have chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

Knowing that this week was going to basically be a 1vs1 against my brother Gianluca and his Koma deck (with Giovanni in the middle of us acting as another obstacle) I decided to unbox Kaldheim, hoping it would give me something to deal with his Commander; by unboxing the same set it came from I was trying to find some kind of Silver Bullet to deal with that dangerous Serpent. I found some good cards but nothing specifically good against Koma. I kept Yarok as my Commander as it did really well the previous week.

I got some cool stuff that could help me get ahead of Koma like Tyvar Kell but not much more and so the deck is really similar to the one I played the previous week. You can find the decklist by clicking here.

As for the previous week, my opponents decided to not change their Commander and so my brother Gianluca stayed with Koma, Cosmos Serpent while Giovanni played Eutropia, the Twice-Favored.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week, take two points home and be the champion of this second Commander Boxing League.

I keep a debatable hand but that could lead me to a very nice position if I’m a bit lucky. My opponents start bot playing really controllish by keeping their mana open to counter, thinking I will cast Yarok but I fool both of them casting a Shifting Ceratops that is basically the perfect counter for all the interaction of their decks as it can’t be countered and the protection from Blue makes it immune to their bounce spells. I’m the only one playing creatures for the first part of the game and so I’m able to deal some really nice damages. I try to cast Moldervine Reclamation but it gets countered… but I’m not mad at all as it was only a bait to make them use on of their counters so that I could safely cast a Gruesome Scourger that with its effect, double by Yarok, let me put Koma in the range of being eliminated by an attack of the Ceratops. I don’t waste time and knock out Koma.
I’m alone against Eutropia and I’m able to make really some value with my creatures, using my removals to clean his board. I’m ready for the final attack but he casts an enchantment creature to try and survive one more turn. Luckily I have a Thrashing Brontodon in hand that I cast and sacrifice to remove his last blocker.
I attack with my whole board and take the first game home.

I mulligan down to five but I then keep a good hand that will let me ramp really well… unfortunately Koma also is able to generate a ton of mana. I also get focused on by both my opponents for winning the first game and Koma is able to cast his commander really soon.
Koma’s board is really incredibly well developed for this early stage of the game and he is able, with a little help from Eutropia to quickly knock me out from the game without having the possibility to do much.
Koma’s board is too much for Eutropia, especially while he continues to spawn the Coils that let him decide who can attack or block. Koma only needed a series of massive attacks to also knock out Eutropia and win his first game. 

I keep a really nice hand with a Sol Ring, hoping to be faster than Koma, but he also has it. We both start building our board in what is in the end a race to get first to a state of control of the game but Koma is able to take the lead by destroys my Sol Ring with a Broken Wings. During my turn I try to set up to remove Koma as soon as it enters but I miss the land drop and I don’t have any instant speed removals to kill it before it could create a Coil that would make it indestructible, so I try looking for answers with Moldervine Reclamation. Koma taps my whole board with the Coils, then casts Mammoth Growth on his Commander, followed by God-Eternal Rhonas. He attacks me dealing 20 Commander damages and leaving me barely alive. Eutropia tries to attack Koma but he doesn’t get distracted by this and attacks me again, knocking me out.
Again Koma is back on 1vs1 generating Coils that let him control the game, but Eutropia casts Hypnotic Siren, bestowing it on Koma and stealing his opponent’s Commander. Eutropia quickly gets the upper hand, having the control of Koma, generating and using coils to control the board. My brother isn’t able to find answers to this and end up losing to Eutropia.

With one game each, this will be the decisive one for this week. I mulligan down to six and get a good hand but Koma starts again with a Sol Ring.
I’m also able to find mine but I miss the land drop and I’m not able to cast my Murder when Koma enters the battlefield on Turn 3. I start playing defensively hoping that it will end up using all his Coils to kill it with Murder. I found Flood of Tears and Cavalier of Thorns but I’m missing the second Blue and the third Green to cast one of them. Koma casts Toski and starts getting even more advantage by drawing a lot of cards.
The second Blue really would be beneficial right now but I’m still not able to find it and Koma hits me really hard bringing me under 20 life. Eutropia tries to attack Koma with a powerful blow from his Commander but his opponent is able to prevent the attempt thanks to Forced Landing. Koma attacks me again and I’m down at 2 life. I hope to find the second Island… but I still fail.
With me having three blockers and without wanting to use his Coils, Koma attacks me with foru of his creatures and luckily I still have the Murder in hand; I cast it before damage and survive one more turn. This is a clutch move as this gives me the possibility to find the Island and cast Flood of Tears cleaning all the boards. Koma immediately recasts his Commander and produces a Coil but I cast Aethersnipe that bounce both of them back to his hand, leaving his board empty again.
In the meantime Eutropia is set up and attacks… me. With still only 2 life I’m not able to survive.
Eutropia again casts the Hypnotic Siren to steal Koma! My brother tries to cast Ravenform on Koma to try to get it back but Eutropia is ready with a counter. Eutropia with Koma is able to take advantage and win his second game.  

These were really some heated and fought battles! Really amazing and enjoyable!

By winning the week, Giovanni got 2 points in the ranking while Gianluca and I got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after this final week:
Gianluca: 6 points.
Raven: 6 points.
Giovanni: 3 points.

With both me and my brother with the same amount of points, we decided to do a tie-breaking round to decide who will win this second Commander Boxing League.

Tie-breaking Round!
This round is simply a 1vs1 game between the two players with the highest amount of points. I keep a hand full of lands and removals to deal with Koma as soon as it enters the battlefield.
We spent the first turns doing only land and pass until I started playing some small creatures around Turn 4 that let me start doing some damage to Koma. The game doesn’t go on much longer as, as soon as he casts his first creature and I remove it, he decides to concede, showing me his hand: he kept one with a lot of lands, hoping to be able to cast Koma soon but it then ended up finding only more lands. By destroying the only creature he was able to find he felt that I must also have another removal for Koma and that he wouldn’t be able to re-enter the game after it due to bad luck. I had in fact Murder and Noxious Grasp in hand to deal with Koma.  

With the Tie-Breaking round I was able to win the League but I admit that it was a bitter-sweet victory as the result of the last game was more dictated by luck than by my skills. We will have a third Commander Boxing League soon so let’s hope for other exciting games there!

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