Commander Boxing League 3 – Week 4

Hi everyone and welcome to the fourth week of the third Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

I really had fun with Kianna during the previous week so I decided to go with Ravnica Allegiance as my booster packs to try support the Simic and +1/+1 counter themes

I was able to find some useful cards in the packs but not the amazing Sharktocrab one of my favorite cards of the set! What a shame!

You can click here to see the full decklist.

Giovanni decided to keep his Shadrix deck and my brother Gianluca also kept Adeliz.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  

I keep a hand with some nice ramp that will let me start creating Fractal tokens really sun.
Shadrix has a start slower than usual while Adeliz starts playing some Wizards right from the start. Adeliz tries to attack me but I block with Scurrid Colony, losing my creature but also killing his Commander. On my turn I cast Ivy Lane Denizen and I copy it with Double Major and they start immediately doing me some work. Shadrix enters the battlefield but Adeliz taps it and kills one of my Denizens.
Shadrix attacks me with one of his creatures but I’m able to create a 0/0 Fractal that upon entering the battlefield triggers the Denizen; I’m able to put a counter on my Commander and kill the attacker without losing it.
I try using Kianne’s tap ability but at the moment is only able to find me land while Adeliz is filling his board without re-casting his Commander and so it doesn’t seem too dangerous for the moment. Shadrix is now able to attack and he decides to deal 8 Commander Damages to me. I’ve only 2 creatures on the board so it doesn’t seem to go really well for me and I have to cast a Jeskai Windscout only to be able to protect myself from Shadrix. Luckily he decides to attack Adeliz the turn right after, giving me the possibility to improve my position. It doesn’t last long as Shadrix tries to attack me by making his Commander basically unblockable with Feat of Resistance and I have to counter it to be able to survive.
Adeliz attacks Shadrix with everything he got and then plays Relentless Assault, getting another combat and attacking again Shadrix bringing him very low on life. Shadrix decides to retaliate, attacking Adeliz bringing him also to low life.
I decided to stay on the defensive, creating Fractal Tokens to power up my Marang River Prowler with the Denizen, hoping to be able to knock out one of my opponents with it. Shadrix tries again to finish me but I bounce his Commander back to his hand with Arrester’s Admonition. Adeliz tries to remove my Prowler by using the Snakeskin Veil to protect him.
Shadrix tries again to attack me by removing my only flying blocker with Lash of Malice, but I save it by creating another Fractal and saving my creature by putting a +1/+1 counter on it with the Denizen.
Adeliz attacks Shadrix with everything and knocks him out, recovering Relentless Assault with his Efreet Flamepainter. He casts the Assault and attacks me for the knock out and I cast Aetherize to block him… but he has a counter and he is able to win the game.

Both my opponents start by playing a land and a Sol Ring and so I get behind right from the first turn. Shadrix enters the battlefield at turn 3 but get’s immediately blocked by Adeliz’s Charmed Sleep. Shadrix frees dis Commander with Feed the Swarm and does his first attack… obviously on me.
Shadrix casts Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord and then attacks me again, dealing me Commander Damage and gaining a lot of life. In my turn I’m able to ramp a lot but I’m still behind as my board is not as well developed as the one of my opponents.
Shadrix slowly starts attacking us and gaining a lot of life thanks to Sorin and even blocking doesn’t come without damage as he also has a Marauding Blight-Priest on the field.
He quickly arrives at 50+ life while both of us are well under 20. Even with both of me and Adeliz allying against him we are not able to bring him down and he ends up winning the game.

I mulligan down to six as I’m not able to find enough lands in my first two hands but luckily even Shadrix and Adeliz have to mulligan down in cards.
I have a better start then the others and I’m quickly able to get ahead, while Shadrix misses his fifth land drop and isn’t able to cast his Commander on curve.
Shadrix cast a Extinction Event, choosing even to remove most of my board and so I retaliate by attacking him with what I have left the turn right after. Adeliz continues to attack me to slowly reduce my life and Shadrix also hits the field.
I’m able to cast a Vortex Runner that is also unblockable thanks to the high number of lands I have and I start using him to attack Shadrix. Shadrix attacks me and Adeliz uses his Puppeteer to tap my only blocker making me take full damage. However Adeliz also decides to damage Shadrix by casting Kasmina’s Transmutation on it.
In my turn I bounce the Puppeteer back to Adeliz’s hand and I attack both of my opponent’s with my creature as I have my Aetherize in hand. Shadrix tries to knock out both of us but we are both able to defend ourselves with our blockers.
Adeliz then tries to knock out both of us by casting Magma Opus and then attacking us. Luckily I’m able to animate my Simic Keyrune and block one of his creatures and survive while Shadrix gets knocked out.
On my turn I’m able to attack Adeliz with all my creatures and win the game.

I keep a risky hand but quite a good one if I’m able to find the third land… that I’m able to find only on turn 8.
My opponents, seeing me as completely harmless, start basically playing only against each other leaving me alone. Shadrix enters the battlefield but Adeliz is quick at casting Kasmina’s Transmutation on it. Shadrix tries removing the enchantment from his Commander but I decide to counter this play because I’m too much behind. I’m only starting right now at getting back into the game and having Shadrix attacking me totally wasn’t going to let me win. Shadrix decides to still retaliate, starting to attack me with his other creatures. Shadrix casts Felidar Retreat and this quickly brings him to the head of the game. Luckily he doesn’t have any fliers and so Adeliz is able to slowly accumulate Commander damage on him.
We are both on the defensive with our life being really low due to the constant attack of Shadrix, but Adeliz decides to sacrifice himself and his possible win of the week, thinking more at getting in a more advantageous position in the league, and commit everything to an attack that knocks Shadrix out with Commander Damages.
At my turn I have Adeliz with no blockers and so I’m able to knock it out quite easily.

My brother Gianluca in the last game decided that he preferred to have both of us starting at the same starting point for the next week instead of trying to do the best possible play for the game and having the risk of giving the win to Shadrix.

By winning the week, I got 2 points in the ranking while Giovanni and Gianluca got 1 each for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the fourth week:
Gianluca: 5 points.
Giovanni: 5 points.
Raven: 5 points.

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