Richard Lee Byers – Dissolution

Title: Dissolution
Author: Richard Lee Byers
Series:  The War of the Spider Queen (Book 1 of 6)
Year: 2002
Goodreads page: Link

While their whole world is changing around them, four dark elves struggle against different enemies. Yet their paths will lead them all to the most terrifying discovery in the long history of the drow, and set them on a quest to save not only Menzoberranzan but the entire dark elf race from Dissolution.
The War of the Spider Queen begins here.
(from Goodreads)

I always wanted to begin this series since I read the adventure module for the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons named “The City of the Spider Queen” that took place basically during the event narrated in these books.

This is a bit different from the classical adventure story we can read about in the series about the Forgotten Realms as it’s more a story about assassinations, ambushes and betrayals between Drows.

This first book narrates about different characters that live and take action in the same city at the same time where the actions of one can have some kind of repercussion on what happens to another.

The characters are all some real jerks with only one that seems to make some difference, even if he also falls in the anti-hero category as most of the protagonists. The fact that the characters are basically all as**oles has been also confirmed to me in one of the turns of events we have at the end of the book.

I loved the fights, full of surprises and with really amazing descriptions of all the sword & magic action taking place in them.

The story is good but gives a really strong sense of incompleteness. It’s understandable as this is only the first book of the series but I would have preferred to have something more than the simple formation of the party in this first one.
We will see if the following ones will be as good as this and will be able to enrich the story.

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