“Die for Lily”‘s update after Modern Horizons 2

I don’t know if that’s because I play a lot more EDH then Modern but Modern Horizons 2 gave me the impression to be a set that brought more goodies for Commander than for the format it was created for.

Lots of nice new Legendary creatures to build around and awesome new cards for the format. Two new cards found a place in my Liliana deck and they convinced me that they deserved those places after only a few playtesting.
Let’s see together the changes I made to the deck!

You can find the previous post about this deck by clicking here.

While by clicking here you can find the updated decklist.

+ Dauthi Voidwalker, – Dimir House Guard
The voidwalker is a powerhouse! Especially in decks where your commander can make opponents discard, sacrifice creatures or mill them. It’s a graveyard hate that lets you play for free what they get exiled by it… only for two black manas! I found it the perfect card for Liliana as my Commander, when in it’s planeswalker form, can feed it with his +2 and reanimate it for two loyalties after you sacrificed it to play one of your opponents’ cards. Plus it’s a 3/2 with Shadow that can dish in some cheap damage.
I removed the Dimir House Guard for it as it was one of the cards that was performing the worst in the deck: I didn’t get much use of both it’s Transmute and Sacrifice ability.
Also the Voidwalker costs 2 less and so this helps me lower the curve even more.

+ Archon of Cruelty, – Vilis, Broker of Blood
The Archon and Vilis are two cards that in the deck I found really similar but different at the same time: they are both two big creatures that provide some sort of card advantage but how they provide them is totally different.
Vilis works similarly to Necropotence, exchanging our life loss for cards, and it has an ability that lets us pay 1 black mana to lose two life, give -1/-1 to a creature and basically draw two cards.
Archon, on the other side, is like having both Uro and Kroxa, without the extra land drop of Uro but always dealing damage unlike Kroxa.
Vilis worked well in the deck because many time I end up paying life to do things and so many times he ended up giving me a lot of cards; but I also saw that in some game I found myself starving for life and able to fully abuse cards like Necropotence or Bolas’s Citadel due to this.
The Archon helps me resolve this problem by giving me a bit of life while drawing me cards, while also damaging an opponent and making it discard; as my local meta is moving more and more to combo finishers, having another way to make my opponents discard feels really good. Another plus is that the Archon isn’t a Legendary creature and so I could possibly reanimate it with my Commander in a pinch.

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