Commander Boxing League 3 – Final Week

Hi everyone and welcome to the final week of the third Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

To support even more the +1/+1 counters theme of my Kianne deck, I decided to go with War of The Spark for my booster, hoping to find some good cards with Proliferate to boost my Fractal tokens.

The cards that I found that I appreciated the most and that I immediately put in the deck are for sure Flux Channeler, which gives me a nice way to Proliferate, and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, that can act as an alternative win con for when I start drawing and exiling cards from my deck as crazy.

You can see the full decklist by clicking here.

Giovanni decided to keep his Shadrix deck and my brother Gianluca also kept Adeliz.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  The winner of this week will also be the winner of the league as we are all starting from five points.

I keep a hand that is able to give me a nice start. I’m the only one able to play some creatures in the early turns so I take advantage of it and I start dishing some damages around:
I cast an Ivy Lane Denizen but Adeliz quickly removes it with one of his burn spells. I retaliate by attacking him and he also tries to remove my attacker but I use a counterspell to protect it, but this isn’t very useful as Adeliz bounces my creature to my hand with another spell.
Shadrix enters the battlefield and starts making advantage with his ability but Adeliz bounces it back to Giovanni’s hand and then attacks with all his wizards. Shadrix is recasted and in the meantime I’m using Verdant Mastery to ramp a lot. Adeliz decides to stop Shadrix again by casting Kasmina’s Transmutation on it. This puts the game on a little stall where we don’t have big creatures to overwhelm each other and so we start attacking only with the few little evasive creatures we have while we are building larger and larger boards. The stall gets broken when Shadrix is able to sacrifice his Commander and recast it; I try to counter it but Adeliz decides to counter my counterspell. I’m able to find Clever Impersonator a cards that is able to give me the win when I drop it on the field and I use it to copy Shadrix… however Adeliz is ready and, with my low life, he is able to knock me out one the spot by kicking Urza’s Rage.
On his turn, Adeliz casts Mizzix’s Mastery, using it to get Urza’s Rage from the graveyard and try to knock Shadrix out. Shadrix, however, is ready for this and casts Teferi’s Protection, saving himself.
On his turn Shadrix is able to attack with his Commander and all his pumped creatures and easily win the game.

I take the free mulligan and I keep a hand with tons of lands.
Me and Adeliz start really fast and focus our attacks on Shadrix, who takes revenge by casting Nahiri’s Binding on my Commander, really damaging my main plan and putting me really far away from winning the game. I decide then to start focusing on Shadrix to help Adeliz win the game. Shadrix enters the battlefield and starts making advantage and making it difficult for me to attack him.
I tried casting Flux Channeler but Adeliz counters it. Adelix bounces Shadrix back to Giovanni’s hand and then attacks him with everything. I do the same to try to help him out but then Adeliz bounces my only blocker back to my hand and attacks me for everything. From there I have to start playing on the defensive because this last attack put me in a really tight sport where basically everything could knock me out.
I find Arrester’s Admonition and I use it to bounce Kianne back to my hand. I recast it and I try to get back on track with my main plan.
However Shadrix plays Felidar Retreat and starts pumping his creature even more. Adeliz casts Mizzix’s Mastery, casting a lot of spells and pumping his Wizards, using them to attack both me and Shadrix. I have to chump block, sacrificing more than half on my board to be able to resist.
In my turn I start repopulating my board but I know that Adeliz’s is to big to be able to resist another attack from him… but strangely he decides to not finish me off and this give me the possibility to get back into the game.
Shadrix enters the battlefield, making the situation even more dangerous; luckily I’m able to manage well in combat and I put myself in an advantageous position. However Adeliz decides to attack me again with everything I’m able to resist the attack by the skin of my teeth but this leaves him defenseless. Shadrix grabs the opportunity and, by pumping all his creatures with both his Commander and Felidar Retreat, does a massive attack knocking both of us out.

This is the ranking after the final week:
Giovanni: 7 points.
Gianluca: 5 points.
Raven: 5 points.

Giovanni wins this third league! To be honest I didn’t totally understand these two massive attacks from Adeliz in the last game, especially the last one that basically gave the victory of the league to Shadrix. We were pretty tired after the last game so we didn’t do some kind of talk after the game so I don’t know if he was reading some kind of plan or something…

This league comes to an end… but be ready because another one will start soon!

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