Commander Boxing League 4 – Week 3

Hi everyone and welcome to the third week of the fourth Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

I decided to choose Dominaria as my boosters as I was hoping to be able to find some new legendary creatures that could lead the deck and maybe some more generally useful cards.
I didn’t find anyone that could replace Dromar as my Commander and so I continued with it.

I found some cards to add to the deck but nothing too exciting. You can click here to see the updated decklist.

There weren’t changes in my opponents Commanders and so Gianluca kept his Linvala deck while Giovanni continued with Olivia.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take three points home.  

I start really well with a Sol Ring on turn 1 that lets me cast Dromar on turn 4. I start doing some control on the board taking advantage of Seer’s Vision and Jace, Memory Adept. I equip Dromar with Fireshrieker and Cartouche of Ambition and decide to hit Olivia for 14 Commander damage, putting her in range of being eliminated by another hit from Dromar.
This really fast start immediately puts me in the archenemy position and both my opponents start focusing on me, breaking my pieces and building their boards. I have to quickly get really defensive and wait for the right moment to do my moves, as being under the fire of both my opponents quickly drains my life.
I cast Marauding Knight and with it I’m able to freely do high damage to Linvala. Olivia casts Blasphemous Act and cleans the board and we all have to restart to rebuild our boards and I’m able to have Dromar back in the game really quickly. Olivia at a certain point decided to go all out. We are able to survive the attack and he leaves himself in a really vulnerable position that lets me knock him out on the spot with my Commander.
I’m alone against Linvala but my hand is full of counterspells and removals that give me enough to keep his board empty and win the game.

I start with less control and ramp than the previous game but I’m able to quickly drop a Vile Consumption: I hope to grind my opponents a bit with it but Linvala removes it immediately.
Oliva hits the battlefield and takes advantage of his Bloodcrazed Neonate to continuously attack me, almost for free as all my blockers are too little for it as it is always growing. I quickly end up with less than 10 life and with my board that continues to be empty.
Linvala cast a Thought Prison exiling a black card from Olivia’s hand with a cmc of 3. This puts me even in the worst position due to my constantly lowering life.
Linvala also starts to take advantage of Olivia focusing on me and starts attacking her by slowly chipping down his life. Olivia knocks me out and he is left alone with Linvala who, thanks to a buffed Pristine Angel with Vigilance, is able to slowly and steadily bring her down and win the game.

A really slow start but luckily I’m quickly able to fix my mana with Seashell Cameo. Both my opponent’s commanders are quickly down on the field and so I have to cast a Deathgaze Cockatrice and equip it with the Fireshrieker to defend myself.
I cast Dromar and together with Olivia we focus on Linvala and we remove her from the game really quickly.
Olivia steals Dromar but I cast a kickered Slinn Voda to put everything back into our hands. Olivia gets quickly back to the field and unfortunately she has enough mana to ping my Slinn Voda and steal it in the same turn. I cannot produce enough pieces to avoid being left with an empty board and so I quickly lose to Olivia stealing all my creatures.

I keep a hand that doesn’t convince me 100% but I have a repeatable way to draw cards and I don’t want to mulligan so I still go with it.
Linvala enters the battlefield really early followed right after by Olivia. I’m not able to find an early game blocker and so I get the usual series of initial attacks.
Olivia is doing quite some value with Theater of Horrors, while Linvala continues to attack me and quickly brings me down to under 20 life while I’m not able to find any card that could possibly bring me back into the game. I focus on helping out Olivia as he is the one lower in the league ranking but he is dividing his attack between me and Linvala and so I rapidly get under 10 life.
I attack Linvala with everything and when he attacks to finish me off I’m able to bounce his attacker back to his hand. I attack Linvala again and I get him under 10 life and I hope Olivia will finish him off… but instead attacks me and knocks me out of the game.
Linvala is able to resist very well from then on thanks to a Rune of Protection: Red that is able to prevent a lot of damage.
Olivia answers it with Ill-Gotten Inheritance that puts Linvala on a clock that he isn’t able to stop. Linvala tries to defend himself for a few more turns but then he arrives in range of the Inheritance’s ability and gets knocked out.

This week we had some really heated and fought games. I totally underestimated how nasty Olivia can be when she has a lot of mana that can be used and I lost the third game for this.

By winning the week, Giovanni got 2 points in the ranking while Gianluca and I both got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the third week:
Gianluca: 5 points.
Giovanni: 3 points.
Raven: 3 points.

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