Commander Boxing League 4 – Week 4

Hi everyone and welcome to the fourth week of the fourth Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

Deciding to continue with the Control plan, I went for War of the Spark as my booster, hoping to find some Planeswalkers that would get me advantage and keeping Dromar as my Commander.

I was able to find some of those really cool Planeswalkers and I was especially happy when I found Teferi, Time Traveler!
You can find my updated list bi clicking here.

There weren’t changes in my opponents Commanders and so Gianluca kept his Linvala deck while Giovanni continued with Olivia.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home.  

I mulligan down to 5 and with Olivia I have a slow start while Linvala drops a Sol Ring and he is able to cast his Commander on Turn 2. Olivia destroys the Sol Ring and Linvala attack me and so I retaliate by making him sacrifice her with Liliana’s Triumph. This is the beginning of a stall because both my opponents get stuck at 2 lands… and me too! I found the third land before the others and I cast my Teferi, Time Traveler… my opponents respond by conceding… both of them!

I keep my starting hand and Linvala starts again with a Sol Ring, casting the Commander on turn 2 and attacking me. Both me and Olivia spend the first turns setting our boards while Linvala focuses on me with her attacks. I can’t play much more as Linvala casts Eldrazi Conscription and I don’t have an answer to it and so I end up knocked out on the spot!
Olivia has his board set but he has to sacrifice it completely to be able to stop and remove Linvala when she attacks him. Linvala is immediately recasted but Olivia also starts refilling his board really quickly. Unfortunately Linvala flooded with the mana and left only with a 3/4 and, without finding any other creatures or equipments, decided to concede the game.

A fast start for everyone but I get stuck after a bit as I’m not able to find white mana.
Linvala has a ton of auras and equipment to set up the Voltron plan, while Olivia is drawing a lot thanks to Dark Tutelage and so I get more and more behind every turn.
Linvala gets stuck on lands and Olivia plays an Exquisite Blood that luckily I’m able to prevent it from sticking around. Olivia keeps attacking me and I arrive at the point of being knocked out by another of his attacks, but luckily I’m able to sacrifice a Festering Mummy that with the -1/-1 counter lets me live another turn.
Linvala is building his board and also removes Olivia giving me another extra turn. Olivia has now the board clean and so I feel safe as I have Liliana’s Triumph in hand that can remove his Commander if it gets dropped on the field and tries to attack me. Olivia tries to play another creature and so I answer with the Triumph to make him sacrifice his Commander.
Linvala continues to equip his creatures and I’m finally able to cast Dromar that maybe can get me some breath… it gets immediately removed by Olivia.
I start attacking Olivia with my creatures while I’m defending against his Commander and I’m also able to bring her really low on life… and this creates the perfect chance for Linvala to attack and knock both of us out!

I mulligan down to five keeping a hand that is basically mono-blue and I end up missing my land drop on turn 3. Luckily I’m able to find a land and cast Mana Geode the following turn, getting back in the game, while Olivia plays Exquisite Blood. Olivia tries to remove the Geode and so in response I use the mana from it to exile his Exquisite Blood. Seeing the league ranking I use the few mana into counters to slow down Linvala that decide to concede not finding lands.
I’m left alone against Olivia and he is easily able to cast his Commander and starts stealing all my creatures with its ability, winning the game.

My brother with Linvala was really quick at conceding in all the games and I didn’t understand if it was a bad day in general for him or if he was getting tilted by the deck not working as it should.

By winning the week, Giovanni got 2 points in the ranking while Gianluca and I both got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the fourth week:
Gianluca: 6 points.
Giovanni: 5 points.
Raven: 4 points.

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