32 EDH Decks Project 1 – White: Odric, Lunarch Marshal

Hi everyone and welcome to this new series on my blog where I will try to complete the famous 32 EDH Decks Project.
For those who don’t know it, the 32 EDH Decks is a popular challenge amongst Commander Deck Builders where you have to build a deck for colorless, mono-colored and each of the color combinations.

Today we will start with White (I will do Colorless after doing the five mono-colored ones) and between the four Commander I give you the possibility to choose on my Instagram, the most voted was Odric, Lunarch Marshal.

Odric is a white creature that cares about combat and the keyword ability that our creatures have. For this deck we are going to go aggro with a keyword soup theme!

At the beginning of each combat (so not only your own but also your opponents ones) Odric checks for which keyword ability your creatures have and share them between all of them; so the more different ones we are able to bring to the board, the more our army will get dangerous.
We are going to run creatures with multiple abilities that will power up our whole army thanks to Odric and then we are going to close games with them also thanks to our Anthem effects.

You can find the decklist by clicking here.

Recently ramping in mono-white got a nice boost thanks to cards like Archaeomancer’s Map and Smothering Tithe so we are going to run both.
Oketra’s Monument will discount our creature spell while also increasing the size of our army; the tokens also have Vigilance so that’s totally a plus.
Knight of the White Orchid and its little brother Loyal Warhound are two creatures that could fetch us a Plains and also have a keyword on them.
The rest of the cards are staples.

Our keyword soup! These are creatures and spells with tons of ability to share with our whole army. I will focus on a few of them.
Akroma, Vision of Ixidor is one of our win conditions and it pairs really well with Odric; it already bring four different keywords to the table and, during combat, it will also give +1/+1 to a creature for each keyword ability it has! Devastating with Odric sharing all the abilities!
Crystalline Giant is another gem in the deck as, if left unchecked, it will grow new keywords every turn. Healer’s Hawk is another hidden gem that can win you games; giving lifelink and flying to all your creatures for only one mana surely is huge.

Token Creation
A 1/1 Soldier Token is laughable but I don’t know if it still is when it starts getting lifelink, vigilance, flying…
The decks gets really strong when it gets to go wide by dropping a lot of small tokens that will also get the abilities from Odric.
All the cards of this section will create tokens for us, helping us in flooding the board. The Elspeth planeswalkers will also get us some other advantages thanks to their other abilities while Court of Grace will also put the Monarch mechanic on the field, giving us some card advantage or making the players more aggressive in combat to try and get the crown; we are a deck that focus on combat so we should have the upper-hand in this and, if our opponents start hitting each other lowering their life, they only make our job easier.

Sometimes having a lot of creatures might not be enough to overwhelm our opponents and so having ways to get our creatures bigger is always nice.
Force of Virtue is a nice free spell that we can easily get on the board even before our first turn. Elesh Norn is another card that can win us games; giving a 4 power difference between our creatures and one of our opponents is huge and with Odric we also get to give Vigilance to all our creatures. Surely the preator will get a lot of hate so be ready to protect it or to close the game soon as it will not stick around much.

Card Advantage
Ah! The sore point of playing mono white! We got some new cards for this in the recent sets like Esper Sentinel and Priest of Ancient Lore but I still feel that it is sub-par compared to the other color.
We run mostly staples of white to get cards or at least thin out our deck from the lands.
Expedition Map is an awesome way to tutor for one of our win cons: Emeria (more on it later).

Mostly staple here and the only card I want to talk about is Darksteel Mutation. We can obviously use the Mutation to shut down one of our opponent creatures, removing all his abilities, but we can also use it on one of our creatures, like on a token, to add Indestructible to the keywords that Odric will share.

We focus a lot on having a lot of board presence in the form of creatures so it’s necessary to protect them.
We run both cards that will give protection at instant speed like Teferi’s Protection and also ones that will share it in combat thanks to Odric like Bastion Protector.
As you could easily Odric is pretty clutch for the deck so we also run Greaves and Boots to give more protection to it… or haste to a threat that we just dropped on the field.

Plains, Fetchlands and some Utility Lands!
Emeria is one of our strongest cards that will help us winning games if we are able to get his ability online as it makes it really easy to recover from spot removals on our creatures or from wraths. You can have tons of removals but surely Akroma jumping on the field every turn is not easy to deal with.
Castle Ardenvale is another way to get more tokens on the field while War Room is some nice card advantage in decks that don’t run a lot of colors.
Myriad Landscape and Nykthos can help us ramp with the latter being particularly good as we are playing a mono-colored deck.

Thank you for reading this post and feel free to comment with any improvement you would make to the deck. Let me also know if you decide to build it and try it!

Mono-Blue will be the next deck! So stay tuned!

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