“Adventures in the Forgotten Realms” and “Strixhaven” drafts @ Scopri Pauperwave (24/07/21)

Last weekend an amazing event took place in my town! “Scopri Pauperwave”, literally Discover Pauperwave, is an event intended to teach people how to play Magic with the help of and together with more experienced players, to enjoy a day all together playing this awesome game.

Pauperwave is an association born here in Italy to promote the Pauper format and recently it started doing events like this to promote the game of Magic as a nice way to play and make new friends.

The new players at the event would get a free Beginner deck to learn how to play with the basic rules of Magic and then they would get the possibility, together with more experienced players, to play in a draft event. While drafting the beginner player would be paired with a member of the staff that would tutor them on picking the cards while teaching them why they should pick one instead of another

I decided to take this awesome opportunity to draft a bit while also getting to know new people and maybe help out someone to get in the awesome world of Magic the Gathering.

I joined two drafts: the first of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms while the second of Strixhaven. They were simplified drafts with only two rounds and no rankings: the first turn would be random while the second one winner would go against other winners, while the losers would go against others that also lost that first round. There were also prizes! For every turn win you will get a free booster pack!

So, let’s start with the first draft!

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

I started drafting by finding a lot of good green cards and the confirmation that my deck would have green in it arrived when I opened Ellywick in my second pack. After that I wasn’t seeing many good white cards around and so I decided to start picking red to build a nice aggro deck!

You can find the list I drafted by clicking here.

Round 1 vs Grixis Goodstuff
Game 1
I keep a hand that is completely green but I felt greedy when I saw Ellywick in it. I start gaining advantage with my Planeswalker and Sylvan Shepherd and building a wide board of creatures, overextending as I totally wasn’t expecting his next move. He is able to produce a ton of mana and then casts Orcus for three mana. completely wrathing my board. He then proceeds to remove my Planeswalker before starting to attack me. I try to put a board back together but I’m not able to find anything against Orcus as it is a flyer and I get knocked out.
Game 2
This hand has more red but I end up finding less creatures during the game. I’m able to get a 20 when I play my Swarming Goblins, getting three tokens on the field but it doesn’t matter as Orcus again enters the field and cleans it. I have some more creatures in hand that I’m able to play, but after those I start flooding, drawing only lands, and he is able to take the game with Orcus.

0 won – 1 lost

Round 2 vs Selesnya Lifegain
Game 1
As soon as I started seeing that he was playing Selesnya and he was gaining a lot of life I started to try to bring him down quickly with my creatures. In the meantime I was continuing to explore the Tomb of Annihilation Dungeon thanks to Elliwick and this let me do some control on the board until I was able to play the Atropal token that gave me the extra boost to close him. I was able to remove all his lifegain pay-off and so it was easy for me to clean the game.
Game 2
I’m able to do another fast start by playing Scaled Herbalist that lets me drop an extra land and play Elliwick on turn 3. I drop some creatures to protect her but he plays an Arborea Pegasus that is able to kill her and then puts me on a clock. I try to fight on the ground but he is always ready with blockers and he closes even the ground level when he plays a Purple Worm. I’m able to resist a few more turns but then I end up losing the game.
Game 3
I have a nice start, especially thanks to a hand that seems full of answers. I play a Circle of the Moon Druid and he goes for a Trelasarra while having a Healing Potion on the field. I fear that she can become dangerous and so I remove her immediately with a Compelled Duel. He plays a Cloister Gargoyle but again I’m ready with a removal in the form of Plundering Barbarian. I’m able to bring him really down on life also thanks to the Den of the Bugbear. He tries to resist with Hill Giant Herdgorger but I do a last attack that puts me in the range of being eliminated by the Magic Missile and Farideh’s Fireball that I have in hand.

1 won – 1 lost

This draft went much better than the prerelease and I was really happy with my deck. I still think that this set is a bit weird for drafting as it focuses more on two-three macro mechanics rather than having a unique one for each color pairings; but I also think that, due to this, it is really nice to help people learn how to draft.


If you remember in my “Strixhaven at home Prerelease”, I told you that I was very sad that due to Italy still being in quarantine I wouldn’t been able to draft it… so I guess you imagine how happy I was when I knew there was the possibility to do a draft of this amazing set during this event.

My main plan was to build a Lorehold deck, as it was the school I chose during my prerelease, but I wasn’t able to find good cards for it and my neighbors were continuously passing me strong cards of another school… and so in the end I drafted my brother’s one: Witherbloom.

You can click here to see the deck I drafted. 

Turn 1 vs WURG Spellslinger
Game 1

I start by casting Dina followed by a Blood Researcher that I’m quickly able to make really big with some lifegain… but this quickly turns against me when my opponent uses Tempted by the Oriq and steals it. I have to deal with it for a few turns but then I’m able to remove it while I still have Dina and a Witherbloom Apprentice on the field that let me do some shenanigans.
As in the Forgotten Realms draft, my board gets completely turned off by a wrath, this time in the form of Draconic Intervention. He put on the field an 11/11 Fractal tokens and proceeded to kill me with it.
Game 2
I keep a hand with only one land but I have tons of 2-drop good creatures and Abundant Harvest. I play Forest, do the Harvest and I found another Forest… and all my drops need both colors.
I get punished for my greed and I’m not able to find another land and I get killed by my opponent’s small creatures.

0 won – 1 lost

Turn 2 vs Dimir Control
Game 1
I totally wasn’t expecting to find a Dimir deck in a Strixhaven draft and especially that it would go so hard on the control part. I’m able to cast Dina and Blood Researcher and I use them to put my opponent on a clock. I try to cast some creatures but they get countered. I cast Cram Session and I use it to get Containment Breach to remove his artifact blocker and I continuously swing until I win.
Game 2
I’m able to cast a Reckless Amplimancer really early in the game before he is ready with counters and I follow up immediately with a Witherbloom Apprentice. He uses his mana to cast cards like Duress and sculpt my hand. I try to cast a Professor of Zoomancy but she gets countered. He isn’t playing creatures and always leaves his mana open to counter and so I start dropping my mana into the Amplimancer to double his power and put him on a faster clock. He doesn’t find removals and so I’m able to knock him out like this.

1 won – 1 lost

As I thought, Strixhaven is a really funny format to draft and the archives put limited in a higher power level than usual, giving the possibility of some really intense and enjoyable games.

This event was really a lot of fun and the fact that it was played on open-air in a park, instead of in a LGS was a nice change from usual. We also convinced some of the new guys to come and try Pauper with us at the Summer League so I think that it went really well!


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