Pauper Summer League @ Magman – Week 2 (27/07/21)

The Pauper Summer League! Six Pauper tournaments from July to September where win some nice prizes.
We are at the second week of the League!

The top players of the single tournament will win something (like Modern Horizon 2 Booster packs) but there is also a League ranking composed by the best four results between the tournament you participated in the league, plus one extra point for each tournament you played. Extra prizes for the top ranking of the League at the end of the sixth and final tournament. Each single tournament is composed of four Swiss rounds.

After the previous one (you can click here to read how it went) I was 14th of 17 players in the League Ranking.

As for my deck for this second league I still went with Flicker Tron but I made some minor changes from the list that I played last time: I played Quandrix and Prismari Campus instead of the two Simic Gainlands and I switched Abrade and Ancient Grudge between main and side.
You can click here to see my current decklist.

At this second tournament we were 18 Players! One more than the last one and it felt so nice to see these many people!

Round 1 vs Golgari Food
Game 1
After seeing how the deck of my opponent worked, I totally felt in love with it as it reminded me of my deck during Eldraine Standard. Luckily the Witch’s Oven isn’t legal in Pauper because it started really fast by dropping down three Cauldron Familiar that did him some advantage in the beginning and then he followed up with a Tempting Witch that started transforming Food into Lighting Bolt into my face.
He was able to get me really low on life with the Lampad of Death’s Vigil, but luckily I was able to get back some life by putting online a small loop with Mnemonic Wall and Ephemerate, getting back Pulse of Murasa each turn and getting back at a nice amount of life. I continued like this until I was able to find Dinrova Horror; with it I changed my loop and I started using the horror to remove his piece while also attacking for damage.
Seeing no way out of this, my opponent decides to concede.
Game 2
I was able to assemble Tron really early in the game and this let me begin stalling while looking for answers. Luckily I was able to find a series of Moment’s Peace rather quickly because it dropped a dangerous Bayou Groff really early in the game. The game didn’t last much longer as we reached the time limit for the round. I had enough Fog effect to be able to stall the game for the extra turns and so my opponent conceded.

1 won – 0 lost

Round 2 vs Affinity
Game 1
I knew right from the start that I was going to play against Affinity because the guy I’m facing is currently the number 1 of the League.
I keep a nice hand that would let me stall out the first turns. He starts with a Disciple of the Vault that I almost let hit the battlefield because I was so focused on wanting to keep the counter for the Fling.
He is able to dish in some damage putting me at 16 life but after that I start fogging to prevent him from dealing me damage. I recover the counter thanks to Mnemonic Wall and I start stalling waiting to use it against a Fling. My opponent also draws a lot and he tries to kill me with four Galvanic Blast in a row; I cast a Pulse of Murasa in response to the last one, keeping myself in the game. I’m able to keep up the stall until we arrive at the final turn. He plays another Disciple of the Vault and I decided to not counter it, wanting to keep it for the phantomic Fling that never arrives… because I don’t notice that he can simply sacrifice artifacts to the Atog he has on the field to ping me to death.
Game 2
He has a really strong start by setting up a lot of small artifacts, while also dropping both Atog and the Disciple. Don’t have counters for them and so I have to let them enter. I’m able to complete Tron and I drop a Bonder’s Ornament. He tries to destroy it and here I make the fatal error of deciding to tap out to draw with it before it gets destroyed. With me tapped out he is able to sac everything to Atog, pinging me for enough damage with the Disciple to be able knock me out with the following attack.

1 won – 1 lost

Round 3 vs Dimir Delver
Game 1
It’s a hard match up but I’m able to get a bit ahead when he taps out and I’m safely able to do a Crop Rotation that lets me complete the Tron. He starts filling his board and I have to constantly fog to survive, while I’ve also to keep in check him and his counters. I try to put up a lock but he is ready with Snuff Out and wins the counter wars on it. I quickly end my fogs and he is able to overwhelm me.
Game 2
I don’t have much time left and so I decide to bring in Rolling Thunder to try to close the game quickly and go for the draw. The game goes more or less like the first one but at a certain point he cleans my graveyard with Relic of Progenitus. I have Rolling Thunder and I used to clean his board buying me a few more turns but he drops another Relic. Having used all my mana in the Thunder I don’t have a way to counter it and he is able to exile it. Without my fast win condition available and the time ending I decide to concede.

1 won – 2 lost

Round 4 vs Dimir Delver
Game 1
After losing the round before against Delver, when I understood that I was playing against another one of them I wasn’t too happy.
I take some damage at the beginning as I can’t afford it while I’m completing Tron and then, when he drops his first Gurmag Angler I start fogging his attacks with the Moment’s Peace. He is able to play another Gurmag… and then a third one but he taps out to do it and so I feel safe to drop down the loop with Mnemonic Wall and Stonehorn Dignitary. He concedes probably feeling that he couldn’t overcome the loop-
Game 2
I side in Rolling Thunder and Cast Down to have a way to deal with that huge fatty that are the Gurmags.
He starts this game really strong by flipping his Delver of Secrets on turn 2 and countering my Impulse, this puts me behind right from the start. I’m not able to close Tron and I don’t find any fog and so I end up losing the game rather quickly.
Game 3
I’m able to slow him down right from the start as I’m able to complete Tron rather quickly and I kill the Delver that he flipped on turn 2 with a Pyroblast. I also play Bojuka Bog that slows down the coming of Gurmag. Gurmag arrives but at the same time I’m able to find Rolling Thunder that I use on my opponent dealing 7 damage to him and also killing Gurmag. With Ephemerate on a Mnemonic Wall I’m able to recover the Thunder and then I wait until I’m able to re-do the Ephemerate and get back the Pyroblast from the graveyard. With the Pyroblast ready to counter I cast Rolling thunder for the win. My opponent had a single Counterspell in hand and so I won answering it with the Pyroblast.

2 won – 2 lost

This week I placed 10th out of 18 Players. In the League Ranking I’m now placed 11th out of 23 players.
Apart from the sheer result, I felt that this week went better than the previous one as I think I’m getting a better grasp of the deck. Surely I have to think more, don’t rush and don’t panic as the two games could have gone differently, especially the affinity one, if I didn’t make those mistakes.
Let’s keep training and improve!

The Pauper Summer League now will take a small break and the next tournament will be around the middle of August.


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