Commander Boxing League 5 – Week 1

Hi everyone and welcome to the first week of the new and fifth Commander Boxing League of our group!

Being this the fifth League, it seemed a milestone so we decided to do something different for this league: a Boxing League with the precons! We are going to start the league with a random preconstructed deck instead of a box this time and add six booster packs to it. Then we will add 6 booster packs every week.

The deck I randomly received was Plunder the Graves, the Meren deck from Commander 2015, and for my first booster packs I decided to take them from the first Modern Horizon. I was hoping to find a Spore Frog, a really powerful tool at common rarity for a Meren deck, but I wasn’t lucky.

With the card that I found I adjusted a bit the precon and by clicking here you can find my updated list.

Giovanni got Commander 2017’s Draconic Domination as his random deck and so he brought The Ur-Dragon as his Commander; my brother Gianluca instead got Commander 2019’s Merciless Rage but, instead of playing the face commander Anje, went for a mono-black deck lead by Geth, Lord of the Vault.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home. 

We start all setting up our boards, focusing on ramping more than anything else. I cast Meren and Geth quickly equips it with a Bloodthirsty Blade that forces me to attack Ur-Dragon and have Meren miserably die against one of his Dragon blockers.
I’m able to recast it and I start making value but I have to pay attention to Geth that also hit the field in the meantime and so I have to pay attention to its ability. Ur-Dragon enters and is able to deal 10 damages directly to my face and I start to get scared because I don’t have flying blockers and he only needs a small pump spell to knock me out. I cast Mazirek followed by Mycoloth that starts building me an army… but I still don’t have flyers and so I easily get removed by Ur-Dragon that gets pumped by Bladewing the Risen.
Geth isn’t able to take down Ur-Dragon and so he also loses right after.

I start strongly with Sol Ring and I quickly fill my board. I start attacking Ur-Dragon because I fear him a lot in the late game. Geth enters the battlefield and starts playing some dangerous pieces and so I focus on him to remove those.
Ur-Dragon starts casting his dragons, also dropping Ojutai that always leaves him with a blocker. I try to cast Cloudthresher trying to make some damage around but it doesn’t resolve the problem. Geth however decides to wrath the board.
I’m quick enough at rebuilding mine, especially helped by Meren’s ability, and I found both Geth and Ur-Dragon boards clean and so I easily knocked both of them out.

I start with Sakura-Tribe Elder and I use it to ramp into Meren. We already have various creatures on the graveyard due to Geth casting Undercity Plague and so when he casts Boneyard Parley and he quickly fills his board. He also have K’rrik so he appears ad really dangerous.
I start ramping more with the Tribe Elder and Meren but Geth quickly get some more advantage with some well placed removals. I play Acidic Slime and try to remove some of his lands but the solution to the K’rikk problems arrive with Ur-Dragon casting O-Kagachi and attacking Geth that attacked him the previous turn.
Ur Dragon also casts Utvara Hellkite and starts filling up the board with Dragons that easily overwhelm us as we don’t have enough flyers to block them also.

By winning the week, Giovanni got 2 points in the ranking I, by winning a game, I got 1.

This is the ranking after the first week:
Giovanni: 2 points
Raven: 1 point.
Gianluca: 0 points.


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