Joanna Maciejewska – By the Pact

Title: By the Pact
Author: Joanna Maciejewska
Series:  Pacts Arcane and Otherwise (Book 1 of ?)
Year: 2021
Goodreads page: Link

High mages lied: Veranesh, the demon who destroyed the continent is still alive. And it’s up to their former student to expose the truth—even if it means another Cataclysm.
When Kamira, a once high mage student turned arcanist, discovers an imprisoned demon in underground ruins, she is forced into a pact that grants her powerful magic, but also ties her to the very demon that once devastated the continent… and Veranesh wants his freedom.
With one friend by her side, Veelk, a mage killer bound on protecting her, Kamira will have to outwit the archmages, other demons, and possibly her own demonic benefactor to survive. Her chances are slim, but with Veelk’s ever-present sarcastic repartee, Kamira might just pull through.
Plots and schemes, power and means—sometimes the price for victory is choosing which friend will die, but when you only have one friend, the choice is… easy?
(from Goodreads)

The first advice I want to give you as soon as I start the review is the following: don’t drop this book at its beginning because you feel overwhelmed by the various unexplained things! I also felt lost initially because there are many things happening and the lore isn’t all explained immediately… but if you drop, trust me, you are going to lose a lot because this is the beginning of what seems to be such a cool saga!

The storytelling is good and entertaining and the characters are really cool! Especially the protagonists that will incarnate one of the classical due of fantasy of the “wizards and its bodyguard” that we can see a lot in this genre.

Another interesting concept of the book are the demons: they seems to be different rom how we see them portrayed usually and feels like they are more some other type of supernatural being; they seems to be tendentially prone to deception and generally evil things but certain of them seems to be more philanthropist then others.

This first book can be divided in two halves: the first one is settling down the situation, introducing the reader to the world and explaining the first events that will lead to the rest of the saga; the second one is the development of the starting situation that however doesn’t seems to lead versus any type of solution. This gave me the feeling that this first book was only like a long introduction of what will happen next.
Still we can see the protagonist growing, cool battles and amazing twists and turns that will keep you on the verge of your seat.

This book is really good but leaves really too much unfinished and so I hope the following books will arrive soon!
Totally recommended and, trust me, after reading this one you will totally want to read all the rest of the saga. 

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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