Mara – Chp.1

Title: Mara
Author: Dylan Goss
Artist: Rosi Woo

Mara is the first comic from Stuffed Rock Studio, about the titular character, Mara. Follow her on an adventure that takes her from her little fishing village to the far reaches of the world!
(from Mara’s official site)

The first thing that I noticed from this comic is how the art really remembers the comics I used to read when I was a teenager and this immediately gave me a nostalgic feeling.

This first chapter seems a simple introduction to the characters of Mara: who she was and how she became what she is now. It gave me the same vibe of a background of a D&D character: this is what happened and the real story will begin now.

Even from this first chapter it’s able to get the attention and the curiosity of the reader. It’s able to put many unresolved questions on the table to spur the reader but without being too enigmatic and still giving a series of thrilling and self-explanatory events.

Speaking about the illustration, as I said before, I really like the style that remembered me some of the Italian and French comics that I read when I was younger; I was also really enthusiast when it started to give us some elements more comics to the pulp comics: flashy splashes of blood attracting the reader’s eye even without the classic contrast between red and scale of gray that we usually see in those type of comics.
Some of the frames felt a bit static but generally it is really well drawn and some of the “spiritual” parts are beautiful.

A fantasy story of revenge that promises some really cool fights!

If you want to read Mara, the first chapter will be released to Patreon ( on August 19th, and on the public store ( on August 26th.

I received a free copy of this comic in exchange for an honest review.

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